You’ve Given Up Smoking For Vaping. Now What?

It’s two months into the New Year and you’re still smoke-free. Not a drag or puff has passed your lips. Why? Because you’ve ditched the darts and switched to vaping!

Picking up vaping to quit smoking has become an increasingly popular and effective method, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. What happens once you’ve made the switch to vaping? How do you stick with it? Why start to begin with it? Below, we share some helpful hints and next steps as you transition into vaping and towards a smoke-free lifestyle.

The Long-Term Health Benefits of Switching from Smoking to Vaping
I’m sure you’ve heard it all before; yes, smoking is bad for you. But what about vaping? A cigarette delivers nicotine by burning tobacco, bringing with it harmful toxins that can cause smoking-related illnesses. A vape, however, is heating a nicotine e-liquid instead of tobacco, making it a far less toxic form of nicotine for you to inhale. Although vaping is far less harmful, it is not harmless. Your vaping journey should still prioritise moderation and responsibility.

Finding the Right Vape Device for You
When ditching the Pall Malls for Pods, make sure you choose the right vape device. Pod starter kits are a popular vape for ex-smokers, delivering a smooth hit and draw that replicates the sensation of smoking. Vaping is designed to replace cigarettes, from the amount of smoke to the size and shape of the device. A quality pod vape is more than capable of filling that cigarette shaped hole in your heart.

Rituals Matter
Fond memories of smoke breaks that last far too long or the satisfying combination of a cold beer and warm smoke do not have to be things of the past. When making the switch from smoking to vaping, it is important to maintain a similar routine to when you were smoking. Smokers often develop rituals around smoking, and it can be difficult to break them, so don’t! Vaping is about more than just a nicotine hit, it’s about the preservation of routine. When smoking for an extended period, it becomes part of your life. Vaping allows you to quit smoking while keeping that life intact.

I Slipped Up, Now What?
A majority of slipups occur within the first few weeks of trying to quit smoking. Just because you took a drag or two, or even dusted off a whole pack, doesn’t mean you can’t start stopping again! You are in control of how you move forward. The advantage of vaping when quitting smoking is that you can cater your vaping habits to how smooth or bumpy your smoke-free journey is going. This can be easily done by increasing or decreasing the strength of your e-liquid, which is why you’re less likely to suffer repeated relapses when quitting smoking while vaping.

From Vaper to Smoke-free
Don’t wait until you run out of juice; get a new one now! Challenge yourself and go for a lower Nicotine percentage. Vaping is by no means the final destination but it’s a step in the right direction towards a smoke-free lifestyle.