E-cigarettes can indeed explode and injure people. Although this is rare, it is very dangerous. Although there is no clear reason for such an incident, information from research and news reports has shown that vape explosions are battery-related issues. Vape explosion can happen to anybody regardless of your vaping skills hence the need for this article. In this article, we shall discuss some safety tips for reducing vape explosion.

When vape batteries explode, the vaping device is set on fire, thus leading to injuries. The problem is not the vaping device; most vape explosions are linked with a faulty battery. Cases of vape explosions were recorded in some major cities, and it was discovered that these incidents happened when the device was being charged. Information from research shows that there is a 0.0000001% chance for a vape to explode in your hands while the chances of smoking to death are capped at 33.3%.  Furthermore, the possible chances of a lithium-ion battery exploding are about 1.1 million.

It is important to note that just like any battery-powered device, vapes and e-cigs may one day explode.  To avoid this challenge, it is advisable that vape users only utilize authentic batteries will little to no sign of an explosion.

How to protect your batteries
Since most vape device explosions are attributed to the battery, here are some important dos and don’ts for maintaining your battery life.

1.Ensure you use the right charger. A wrong charger can affect the lifespan of your batteries and predispose them to hazards. Make sure you get a compatible lithium charger that is specifically made for your vape.

2.Note that all batteries are not the same. Get a compatible battery for your vaping device.

3.Be conscious of quality. Cheap batteries may not be good for your vaping devices. Make sure to purchase from certified vendors only.

4.It is advisable to use the bay to charge external batteries. Ensure the rate for charging is appropriate.

5.Make sure you inspect the batteries yourself. Watch for any peeling, unusual odor, or when the charging seems quick or slow.

1.Never leave your e-cig plugged for an extended period. Unplug it when it is fully charged.

2.Don’t expose the batteries to unfavorable temperatures. The scorching sun and cold are not good for your batteries.

3.Do not walk with loosed batteries in your pocket. Explosions could occur, especially if it is kept with a coin or metal.

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