Unless you have a disposable pen, most vape pens on the market come with a cable and are made to be recharged. Most are simple enough to simply plug into your laptop or wall outlet adapter without requiring anything else. Power banks are portable, handheld devices that can recharge your vaping devices on the go. Here we will be discussing the topic in depth.

Types of Vape Pens
Most vape pens and box mod vapes come with a standard USB cable that can be conveniently plugged into a laptop, charging station, outlet adapter, or portable power bank. Because vape pens are handheld units that can be used on the go, it would only make sense to have something that is just as portable to charge it.

This would heavily depend on your vaping habits since heavy users would find more use from having a power bank in their pocket. Charging cables can be a bit long, and so coiling one up neatly into your pocket while your vape charges would be much better than having it dangle outside of your pocket catching onto things as you walk by.

While the part that plugs into your vape might vary between models, the part that plugs into a power bank will usually be the standard USB. This universal plug ensures that most devices can be charged and powered on without having to tediously hunt down and invest in specialty chargers that only accommodate your specific cable.

Types of Power Banks
Power banks will almost always utilize the standard USB port allowing for a wide range of devices to charge. Depending on what brand and model you happen to have, power banks can vary in size and charging capacity. Some power banks will have a couple of ports while others only have one. Smaller sizes that can hold a lot of charging power tend to be the best.

The smaller the power bank, the more you can fit into your pocket and the less likely you are to inadvertently damage your vape pen. Larger power banks typically hold more charge and can last much longer through multiple charges and devices. The downside is obviously the size as bigger power banks tend to be much bulkier and significantly heavier.

Casual vape users will find either having a small power bank or no power bank to be the best option, while moderate and heavy everyday users will get the most out of using a portable power bank. Since bigger models tend to be heavier, it is highly advisable to wear clothing that clings to your body as the weight from one of these can be rather strong. Even some of the smaller units can weigh quite a bit.

Why and When to Charge Your Vape Pen
Initially before going out, you will want to make sure that a vape pen is fully charged. This will save time and power in your power bank. Some vape pens will not operate during a charge which makes it imperative that you leave the house with a fully charged vape. If possible, try to carry the smallest power bank with the biggest charging capability.

This will ensure that you have room in your pockets and will not weigh you down as much. After a good vape session, feel free to plug in your vape pen to your power bank so that you will have an optimally charged vape pen for every session. This is especially useful for heavy users. The last thing you want is to leave the house with a half charged vape pen.

The only thing worse than having a vape pen that is about to die is having a power bank that is about to die! Power banks take a very long time to fully charge, which is why you will want to ensure that this is the first thing that gets charged leaving your house with. Power banks get charged much the same way as any other device through a USB cable.

How to Maintain Your Power Bank
As previously stated, you will want to make sure your power bank is fully charged every time prior to leaving your house. If you do not have a fully charged power bank, you will not get very far charging your vape pens. It is much better to leave the house with an uncharged vape pen than with an uncharged power bank. Even though some vape pens won’t work while charging, they do not take as long to fully charge compared to power banks.

Because power banks have open ports, they are prone to water damage. Conversely, since most power banks are also a bit heavy, they will crack or break from a fall out of your pocket. This can render the unit completely inoperable. Care must be taken not to go running or jogging with a power bank in your pocket. Since most users will not be engaging in these activities, however, it is perfectly reasonable to go about your daily routine with a power bank in your pocket.

Some will have LCD displays that tell you what percentage of charge the power bank has left, while others might show lights indicating how much power it has left. Either way, you will want to leave the house knowing you have both a fully charged power bank and a fully charged vape pen. Never leave your power bank in direct sunlight or extreme cold temperatures either.

Final Thoughts
Power banks are nifty little things that can ensure you have a reliable source of power all day long. Vape pens that can operate while being charged is a major plus, though care must be taken since you are tethered to the power bank, making it more difficult to freely maneuver yourself around without getting caught up in the power cable.

Power banks offer a convenient way to go about your day without the threat of having your vape pen die out on you unexpectedly. Always make sure that both the vape pens and power bank are away from direct heat and extreme cold, as this could impact charge times significantly!

No matter what type of vape pen or power bank you end up getting, always make sure you opt for something light that will fit into your pocket or purse. Power banks are not that light, so you will want to plan with the added weight. Other than that, power banks are the best way to ensure your vapes never die!