Since vaping became a popular alternative to smoking cigarettes, the market has faced the influx of thousands of counterfeit vape products and hardware.

The release of genuine e-cig equipment made some copycat manufacturers release many wannabe gadgets that are either supremely bogus or mere imitations.

However, counterfeiting is a scourge that has infiltrated into the vape industry, and unknown to you, you might have fallen prey to a fake hardware or vape device at one point or another.

Different markets work to satisfy the demand for these vape products:

·Frugal markets: These markets contend with counterfeits for reasons such as price, availability, and what-not.

·Hybrids: These markets love authentic products but they do not mind adding the counterfeits.

·Elitist markets: These markets call a fake product for what they think it is: a fake product.

What’s the difference between clones and counterfeits?
You might have heard of the word “clones” and think they are the same as “counterfeits”. Well, there are a few differences between the two.

Clones try to mimic the real product, but you will notice the difference when you look closely. Counterfeits, on the other hand, are products that are marketed to be the original when in the real sense, they are not.

Counterfeits could use similar packaging. They could include certain markings that are seen on the original product. It can be quite hard to spot these counterfeit products, and this often affects both consumers and the company itself.

Why you need to avoid using counterfeit hardware
One of the major disadvantages you stand to face using counterfeit products is that you get exposed to low-quality products.

If you intend to quit smoking with vape devices, getting exposed to counterfeit products may give you a bad first experience, and this may cause you to relapse or quit vaping completely.

How do counterfeits affect the vaping industry?
Counterfeits have a huge effect on the vaping industry in terms of cost. Many manufacturers are all about the profit margin and not quality.

Genuine products tend to be more expensive, and many consumers feel reluctant in digging deeper into their wallets for products that have cheaper alternatives (counterfeits). Some users settle for these counterfeits because they are very cheap, and they ignore the quality.

So companies that produce the real thing tend to lose a lot of money because many consumers are running after counterfeits.

Apart from the missed revenue, fake gears inflict damages on brand names. That’s simply because most consumers would go for these products (even the counterfeits) as long as they bear a product brand name.

After using these vape products and getting a bad experience, consumers tend to have a lasting negative impression about the product brand. They tend to believe the real company is behind the substandard product they had used.

So what do you do?
As much as nobody likes to use counterfeits, the truth is that they would always be in the market. So the question is, “what can you do to always get the best vape supplies?” It’s simple; you just need to buy from a reliable supplier.