Why Some Vapers Resumed Smoking: Is It A Big Thing?

There is a phenomenon that some vapers may return to smoking after successfully switching to vaping. Does it mean vaping is not a good alternative for quitting?

This article will show you the reasons why it happens and some tips to cope with it.

Reasons why vapers resumed smoking
Actually, there are not many investigations focusing on smoking resumption from vaping. Thus, the latest study published in Nov 2022 by OXFORD Academic seemed to be more cherished.

Test Condition
It was conducted in New Zealand, and 20 people took part, among these people, 7 are local Maori, and 13 are non-Maori. Those people are vapers who return to smoking tobacco and smoke weekly after using e-cigarettes to stop smoking for at least 30 days.

The study looked at their vaping experiences, the reasons why they started smoking again, and possible solutions to keep them from picking up cigarettes again.


1. Some people feel the vaping experience not exactly clone the sensation of smoking.
Vaping just is vaping, the thought of smoking still exists and beckons to them. Especially when they are surrounded by smokers, the eager will get to a summit.

2. Fewer constraints on ENDS usage so that participants are more likely to perpetuate nicotine addiction.
Smoking is prohibited in many places, so they need to spend some time to start smoking, which slimmer the usage of cigarettes, while vaping is permitted in many places so that they can instantly have many puffs in a short time. That is their concern over getting more nicotine addiction and unknown harms.

3. Some felt that vaping product are inauthentic and cannot satisfy with their cravings.
Unlike cigarette made of tobacco leaves and visible papers, vaping utilize vape juice. The components in the e-liquid somewhat puzzle people. It is reasonable for the worries. Besides, some users think the e-cigarettes are not capable of beating up their cigarette cravings as they are more like distractions to ignore the desire for ciggies.

Three tips to cope with the return to smoking when vaping

1. Clear your mind
You should have a notion that it is normal to come across this returning situation. It is a blip, the cigarette that you smoked currently is much lesser than the previous time. Don’t panic and rapidly deny yourself. You’ve made big progress.

2. Insist on quitting
Try to ask yourself whether you are still eager to get rid of tobacco addiction. If yes, you should use your willpower to go over the temptation in your life. Vape products allow you to control the nicotine dosages, you can vape nicotine-free in one day. Just persist in quitting cigarettes.

3. Give yourself some supports
Reward yourself if you behave well in quitting, like having a big meal, buying some new clothes or pieces of jewelry, and so on. If you are friends of switchers, you can talk to them and support them in both spirits and physically.

Bottom Line
Sorry to tell you that quitting smoking is not an easy thing, but the hardest it is, the more successful you are. Vaping is regarded as a reliable way for transitioning from smoking in the UK.