With the sudden boom of vaporizers, many companies have started to develop a wide variety of devices designed and engineered for different vaping purposes. One of these vaporizers is the box mod vape.

Today, we look at some of the most asked questions about this device and give you an idea about why many vapers today are investing in a box mod vape. So, if you are interested, read until the end.

But first, let’s talk about what box mod vapes are?

A box mod vape is a type of vaporizer known for its boxy exterior, hence the name box mod. Its bulky dimensions allow a box mod vape to pack a wide variety of features making it one of the most versatile devices on the market today. Over time with technology and re-designs, box mod vapes have improved, especially in size. You can find them super small but still packed with a ton of features, battery power and quality. 


Arguably one of the most significant innovations brought by box mods or box mod vapes is temperature flexibility. Compared to your regular vape pens, these devices have the capability of adjusting the running temperature level of the unit and it allows the user to experience versatility like no other.

One of the advantages of temperature flexibility is vapor quality. When you set the running temperature level low, you get the chance to extract some of the more delicate active ingredients from your select materials, be it herbs or wax concentrates. We are talking about flavonoids that give the vapor its unique flavor and the trichomes which pack some of the most potent cannabinoids from the plant matter. On the other hand, when you set the temperature level high, you can reap the psychoactive effects of your materials.

That said, lower temperature settings make for chill and flavorful sessions while higher temp settings can get you lifted and medicated.

Changing the temperature settings can also affect the vapor density and viscosity. Typically, a higher temperature setting will produce more vapors while a lower temperature setting will give off thin wisps of clouds. Depending on your needs, you can adjust the temperature level in a box mod vape.

Another benefit of using box mod vapes is the improved battery capacity. Ideally, you would want a vaporizer with a larger battery capacity because it allows you to enjoy your sessions longer in between charges.

You would want to look at the milliamp-hour (mAh) of the battery. To give you a perspective, a normal vape pen would have 380-900mAh of battery capacity while a box mod vape will have somewhere from 1000mAh to 4000mAh. The difference is significant and what would last for just 20 to 30 minutes on a vape pen can become hours or even a full day’s use with a box mod vape.

Another feature of box mod vapes relating to the battery are removable packs. Removable vape batteries allow you to use your box mod vape even in places where there are no available power sources like the mountains, on an island, or in rural areas. This eliminates the restrictions of conventional vaporizers as consumers can just bring pre-charged battery packs and swap the depleted one for a new one. The key is planning your sessions ahead, so you do not consume all your batteries unnecessarily.

With longer battery life and the possibility of continuing your sessions without having to plug in your device, box mod vapes one of the most advanced innovations in the vaporizer industry during the time of its release.

It’s common for box mod vapes to feature a 510-threaded design which allows consumers to use a wide variety of compatible heating elements for vaporizing wax, herb, and oils. That said, box mod vapes are considered one of the most flexible devices on the market today.

One of the popular uses for box mods is vaping oils. There are a lot of pre-filled cartridges for sale on dispensaries as well on the online market and the eased restrictions of medicating with your herbs have made it easier to purchase these materials now more than ever. There are also several refillable cartridges so consumers can load them up with their personal blend of extracted essential oils that fit their tastes and needs.

Some cartridges are also fitted with a heating element meant to vaporize waxes like crumble, budder, and shatter.

In the same way, specialized dry herb heating elements in small-sized chambers are also available allowing consumers to vaporize botanicals using a box mod vape.

To connect a cartridge or a chamber to the box mod, all you need to do is to screw it to the base. Just remember righty-tighty, lefty-loosey. In some cases, other box mods also use magnetic rings to create a seamless connection between the battery and the cartridge. These vaporizers need you to screw the magnetic ring on the 510-threaded cartridge before inserting it into the chamber with a compatible magnet at the bottom.

Finally, many consumers favor a box mod vape over other vaporizers mainly for its sheer power. Because it carries a high battery capacity and can basically adjust the temperature settings to a high level, a box mod vape can deliver more power compared to your regular vape pen.

This translates to improved sessions and more potent hits allowing consumers of box concentrates, oils, and botanicals, to enjoy sessions that will knock them off their socks. Power can also be attributed to the capability of the box mod to let the users get the result they want without having to repeatedly take hits from their device.

So, there we have it, some of the most compelling reasons why you should be using a box mod vape instead of your regular vaporizer. Now, these box mods may have a higher upfront cost because of the technology packed in these devices but their advantages sure outweigh their initial investment price.