Many vapers are switching to portable pod systems as an efficient and user-friendly way to enjoy vaping. Besides the less bulky gear they have to maintain, the primary reason people are moving over to pod systems are salt-based nicotine e-juices. These nic salt products work best in simple and easy-to-use pod systems, making them a better investment for people chasing that nicotine kick.

The deal between freebase and salt-based nicotine e-juices
Salt-based nicotine, commonly known as nic salt, is a recent innovation in the world of vaping. Nicotine e-liquids generally took their formula from freebase nicotine that modern-day cigarettes have. It’s an extracted form of tobacco compound that’s modified to be stronger than generic name brands. Although it has a potent kick, it does have several disadvantages, even for vapers. This is why it’s necessary to opt for sub-ohm systems with low concentrations to achieve the same effect of smoking premium cigarettes. 

In contrast, a nic salt e-juice’s purer form makes it more stable due to the added ingredient of benzoic acid. This allows it to maintain a potent kick even with a low-maintenance vape kit like pod systems.

If you’re still reluctant to try out nic salt e-juice, here are three features that can make you reconsider:

1. Vapour from nic salt e-juice flows smoother down your throat
With salt-based nicotine, you can enjoy more potent nicotine concentrations without investing in high-wattage systems through freebase juices. This makes every hit a much stronger kick that can provide faster delivery of nicotine’s soothing effects. Nic salts do this in just a couple of hits, preventing your throat from experiencing harshness through several inhalations.

2. Nic salts require lower wattage levels from your box mod
Generally, higher wattage will burn through e-liquids faster due to higher heating levels. This makes any e-liquid evaporate much faster when fired. Since nic salt e-juices work best on low-wattage settings, you won’t have to worry about refilling your vape tank right away. The low wattage allows you to receive higher nicotine hits in smaller amounts. It’s a logistically better choice if you want to cut down on your vaping budget while still experiencing the same level of high.

3. Nic salt e-juice give fewer amounts of vapour
Several vapers out there prefer to have a vaping experience akin to passing through a morning fog. These vapers use sub-ohm systems to absorb plenty of vape juice per hit, creating huge amounts of vapour. However, this vaping experience doesn’t come without its disadvantages.

Since sub-ohm systems generate more vapour, it also eats up more e-liquid. This can lead to uncomfortable results, especially if you’re using freebase nicotine e-juices. Unlike sub-ohm systems, pod cartridge coils are much smaller and have slimmer wicks that absorb less e-liquid per hit. Although it produces less vapour, it creates the right conditions for nic salt to deliver ample doses without overloading your senses. Because it’s already potent in small amounts, you can limit your e-liquid consumption while also using lower wattage levels for your vaping. This allows your battery to use less energy while giving you more e-juice stock simultaneously.

Although vapers are more familiar with swapping parts off their custom vape build, that doesn’t mean customisation starts and stops with your vape kit’s components. The revolutionary arrival of nic salt e-juice in the market is an absolute gamechanger to how veterans and newcomers can appreciate vaping even more.