Why many vapers prefer pod vapes

The pod vape has quickly become a staple of the e-cigarette industry. In the United States, the Juul pod vape dominates the e-cigarette market thanks in part to its widespread availability in local convenience stores and vape shops. In Australia, the Viggo Series pod vape is becoming a favorite among Australian vapers thanks in part to its long battery life and numerous pod flavor options. But what makes pod vapes so popular and why do so many vapers use them over other types of e-cigarettes? The reasons are numerous, but first, let’s take a look at what a pod vape is.

What Is A Pod Vape?
A pod system is a type of vaping device that consists of a battery, which is sometimes equipped with a button and other features such as multiple voltage settings, and a vape pod. Inside of the vape pod is a reservoir that holds e-liquid. Some vape pods come prefilled with e-liquid already inside of them and others are purchased empty, leaving the filling up to the user. The vape pod doesn’t just hold the e-liquid, it also heats it. Vape coils contained within a pod’s atomizer heat up the e-liquid, producing the aerosol that many people refer to as vapor.

Why Pod Vapes Are Popular
Convenience is key for many vapers and lugging around a large vape mod the size of a small brick isn’t right for everyone who vapes. Pod vapes are conveniently compact, making them an obvious choice over larger vape mods for vapers that value portability in their vaping devices.

So there’s portability and convenience, but else do pod vapes offer? Depending on which one you’re looking at, there are those that offer features not often found in cig-a-likes, which are similarly compact and convenient. One such feature is a variable voltage, which gives vapers the ability to control the e-cig’s voltage.

As cig-a-likes is a very similar option that predates pod systems by a number of years, it’s worth examining the contrast between pod vapes and cig-a-likes to better understand why many vapers are now choosing pod systems over cig-a-likes.

How Pod Systems Compare To Cig-A-Likes
The standard cig-a-like is compact, but so is the standard pod vape – so what’s the difference? While not always the case, pod vapes tend to have longer-lasting batteries. Both pod vapes and cig-a-likes are available in disposable and rechargeable forms. With rechargeables, this means vapers can vape for longer before they have to recharge their vape’s battery.

Pod vapes also tend to be a little larger, however, they still manage to be among the more portable vapes that are available today. To some, it’s a small sacrifice to make for improved battery life, the ability to control the voltage, and higher capacity e-liquid reservoirs. Which leads to the next point: pod vapes tend to hold more e-juice.

With a longer-lasting battery, it only makes sense to have more e-liquid in the reservoir, which is why vape pods tend to hold more vape juice than cig-a-like cartridges.

The Difference In E-Liquid
Typically, pod vapes use e-liquid that contains nicotine salt. While traditional e-liquids use freebase nicotine, new formulations of nicotine salts have become quite popular with the vaping community thanks in part to their smoothness when vaped and faster absorption. And being smoother than their freebase counterparts gives another advantage: higher nicotine concentrations. For vapers that want more nicotine in their e-liquid, nic salts provide a route. As they are smoother, higher concentrations can be infused into e-liquid without the vapor they produce becoming too harsh.

There are many reasons why vapers opt for pod systems over the expanding variety of other types of vapes available and while the reasons why individual vapers may choose to use pod-based vapes differ, there’s no question that they are among the more conventional types of e-cigs on the market today.