Why is My Vape Pen Blinking?

With many top vape mods today, users will have the chance to read an OLED screen or indicator to see if there are any potential errors with the device that they're using. Many of these warnings also are delivered in the form of a vape blinking light for a user.
The flashing lights that are found on your vape are designed to quickly catch your attention when there's a problem and to make sure that you can address the problem quickly. Reading in your owners manual can be one of the easiest ways that you can discover what's going on and get your vape working again.

Top Reasons that Vape Pens Blink
Depending on the display that you have, blinking lights could suggest a number of issues. The most common reason that a vape pen blinks will be discussed below as well as some of the top issues for resolving these warnings.

Reason 1: Loose Battery Errors
If your battery connection is not sufficient it's possible that you could be receiving a flashing light quite quickly after you turn your device on. Your device will never be able to fully charge and the indicator light will come on when you go to plug it in or fire it up.
Rescrew your battery back in along the threads and make sure that there is a firm connection. You may also want to consider cleaning the contact tips with a cotton swab. Sometimes there can be a bit of e juice that build up of long the contacts. Cleaning out your tank is also a great way to make sure that no extra pocket lint or dust makes its way into the device and impedes function.

Reason 2: The Activation Button is Stuck
The vape pen blinking display may also have an activation button that has become stuck. When the activation button gets pushed in and can not be depressed, there are a few ways you can fix the issue.
When holding the activation button down too long you may notice that the device late start to blink rapidly. This can sometimes be caused by dirt that gets lodged into the device which stays in for too long. Take a cloth or a cotton swab and start to clean up the area around the button. Once the light turns off, the issue is completely fixed.

Reason 3: The Components are Wrong
If you have a blinking display light on your vape pen, it's also possible that you might have components which are incompatible with your device. Many vape devices will provide you with an alert when there is a replacement coil that is been installed with too low a resistance level. To fix this issue, you can switch out the mismatch coil for an upgrade part.

Reason 4: Activating Safety Features
Many devices are equipped with safety features that can experience a blinking light display. If you notice some of these safety features taking on there's a good chance that it is for good reason. Open up the manual troubleshooting guide and discover the issue so that you can turn off the safety features.
Sometimes warnings will occur when there is a poor connection on your device, when you use incompatible components or when activation buttons are stuck on. If you've turned off some of the safety features and you're still getting a blinking light it's a good sign that you may need to clean your device or search for a deeper issue.
If you see that you have several warning lights stop using your vaporizer as soon as possible and start checking for the issue before you keep using it. There's likely a checklist in your user's manual that is specific to your model.

Here are some of the best vaporizers on the market that each include indicators to help you troubleshoot various issues on your device. Here are some of the top mods and warnings that can occur after modifying your device:

Vapmod Magic 710 Box Mod
The VAPMOD magic 710 mod is an extremely portable box that's powered by a 380 mAh battery that's built-in. It delivers a 3.5 V constant voltage in a mod that has automatic vaping support. There are five main protections that each have their own indicator light. The device also comes with a 510 magnetic connector and it's made to be sleek in order to fit in with your current vape design. Overall this is a device which is aimed to deliver an amazing vaping experience, with the safety and warning features you need to protect your device.

Vision Spinner 2
This large 1600 mAh battery mod comes with a voltage variability and is much wider than a standard eGo-t mod. The spinner 2 is stylish and extremely comfortable and is designed to outperform any other variable voltage battery on the market. This is definitely a high-performance mod and it improves any 510 battery offering an extended lifespan to any vape.
The battery charge indicator meter comes with illuminated lights which also display error messages. The colors on the monitor will start at white with full charge, moved to blue at half charge and then turn to orange at 30% charge. The lights will flash when the device receives a warning.

Evod Twist 2 Battery
The EVod Twist II mAh  is a variable voltage battery that operates using a rotating dial. The device can be adjusted for voltage from 3.3 V to 4.8 V with markings along the 0.1 increment for maximum fine tuning. As you adjust to higher voltage ratios, you can expect much higher volumes of paper.
The stainless steel body sits flush with the bottom of the device and it also has a texture on it to allow for an easy grip. The battery is a beautiful extension to any vape with the chromed brass look and the improvements it can make.

Vapmod Vmod Box Mod
The VAPMOD Vmod is a highly compact vaporizer that can convert a vaporizer for use with concentrate coil cartridges. It has a very sleek design and it looks quite similar to an Apple product. Vmod is a product that's produced by VAPMOD and its a system that's built all in one. It combines together an excellent level of battery life as well as a cartridge system that's completely replaceable. The design on this device is quite minimalistic and has just a single button for its interface.
The mod is also quite small at just 2" x 2". It's only half an inch thick and it can provide a massive amount of battery life for its small size. Vmod offers a range between 0.5 - 3 ohms and the voltage output can be adjusted up to 4.1 V down to 2.6 V. The battery on board the mod is 900 mAh. The Vmod is highly compatible because it comes with a 510 thread connection. Its size compatibility works with any type of many oil cartridge at 10 mm and under. The warning lights set the voltage at 4 V you will see the light is red, 3.2 V drop the light yellow, 2.6 V drop the light to green and the operation is simple with just a three button press. The device also has a color indicator for the average battery life thats still available. It will start green for 70% or more, turn to solid yellow for 30 to 70% and then turn solid red for 30% battery life. A preheat mode is also available on this mod and you can activate it by quickly tapping the main button twice. The screen will flash several times as the cartridge warms and the preheat mode will deactivate once the cartridges properly heated.
Hold down the button constantly on the mod and it will work with a typical direct output. Vmod can charge through a micro USB charger and with any adapter that ranges from 0.5 - 1.0 A
VAPMOD Vmod is really designed to make the process of enjoying oil vapes, a simple one. It's very compact and super discreet so you can try out oil vaping anywhere.

Yocan Uni Box Mod
When Yocan built this box mod it was with the goal of having something that would be very discreet and small. It contains a 650 mAh battery that is fully adjustable to three levels. The voltage indication is delivered through a light on the side and there are adjustment knobs located just below the cartridge chamber. The atomizer can be adjusted from the device to heat with any oil atomizer.
The holder fits almost any diameter so it really is a universal mod that suits any oil cartridge. If you are looking for the best level of experience, Uni created a preheat solution that is designed to warm up any oil before it is put into use. Clicking the button two or three times will preheat any device for up to 10 seconds. In order to deactivate preheating, you will just need to push down the power button twice.

Uwell Yearn Pod Mods
Uwell created their Yearn 11w Pod system to deliver the best in performance from any pod mod. They integrated at 370 mAh rechargeable battery and also produced an LED light indicator for the battery life. The device also comes with a number of protections and hardware safety features that can prevent failures or breakdowns in your vape.
The main body is produced using zinc alloy with ABS and PC materials. The system also has a fairly strong weight for robust use but a discreet design. The onboard battery provides an excellent amount of power to make sure that there is no need for regular charging between your vaping session. You can also depend on the LED light and the color indicators in the manual to determine how much battery life is left. With its safety and the improvements for pod vaping, this is an excellent addition if you want better performance out of a pod vape.

Dazzvape GT800 Mod
This mod is built for concentrate vaporizers and it comes with a dual output mode. Dazzvape GT800 mods are easy to operate with three buttons on board and 800 mAh battery. The manufacturer also integrated a 0.69 inch OLED readout display. The variable wattage on board ranges from 5 to 20 W and there is an output that ranges between 600° down to 200°F. The atomizer is 1-3 ohms of resistance with 2.3 to 5.3 V outputs. On the display you can see readout for everything including the battery life, power and voltage output as well as the resistance of the atomizer. The firing button and adjustment buttons make it easy to fine tune the device. It also charges easily with a micro USB connection.
With a 510 thread compatibility, this is a portable vape that is widely compatable for your device.

JUUL Device
The pod based JUUL device is one of the best entry-level vapes on the market. These pocket-sized vapes or e-cigs are one of the most popular devices to buy in the world. The JUUL pod refills are easy to swap out and they come with several flavor varieties. The V3 battery has better charging points and a design which is improved for use. If you have a JUUL battery that has run out you should definitely consider this latest replacement.
For Pod system vape devices, it's tough to beat the JUUL battery for ease of use. With magnetic connections, you can charge the device easily as well as insert the battery and device into any computer or charger. The device charges quickly and a JUUL is ready to go once the pod is clicked into place. There is no need to turn the device on or changeup settings, you can simply inhale and enjoy whenever you want to vape.

These are some of the top reasons why your vape may have an issue or why it may blink.