Why Is My Vape Auto-Firing? Why it Happens & How to Fix It

Why Is My Vape Auto-Firing? Why it Happens & How to Fix It
Auto-firing is a term to describe the action when your vape kit starts to automatically vapourise the e-liquid that’s inside your vape tank/ pod. This is a massively celebrated hardware feature that allows people to simply draw on their vape kit mouthpiece and then start puffing away. Most pre-filled disposable vapes, vape starter kits, vape pen style pod kits, and mouth to lung tanks (also known as mtl tanks) with detachable drip tips offer this vaping style. This can also happen with advanced vape kits (ohm kits) and vape mods with top-fill ohm tanks. 

Inadvertent auto-firing should not ever happen without intention. We find that more often than not, this occurrence is the result of frayed connections that have internally accumulated over time. This is the same with most electrical goods that require charging. Unless you noticed this problem right away, it’s rarely the result of (new) faulty ohm vape hardware or fresh resistance coils that have become slowly deteriorated over time, however, this should not be ruled out completely. This tutorial will also help out those who are looking to stop their disposable vape from auto-firing. 

So, let’s break down any potential issues and then delve into the best solutions…

Debris between pod/tank terminal and mod
This a problem that occurs when debris blocks the conduction ports between the mod of your device and the tank or pod that holds your e-liquid. This sort of block can accumulate when your kit is rolling around your pocket or bag. It can also happen when you leave you’re unscrewinganging your pod or vape tank and stray lint finds its way between the connectors. 
How to fix: This is a fairly simple process of clearing out the connective conduits. Firstly remove the pod/tank and take out the external battery if your device uses them. You can use anything to really get into those connective crevasses, but we recommend that you use a toothpick to pick out any dust and a cotton bud to clear away any final particles. Please do not use any water or rubbing alcohol to clean any gunk between these connection ports - if you do, make sure the device is dry. Doing this could result in further connection problems and may be potentially dangerous to your safety if ignited when still soaked. 
Issues with the firing button
You may be a vaper who insists on using your firing button. That’s okay because it's a great tank feature if you're keen to really create some big clouds of vapour for vape trciks! It’s great to have total control over how you inhale and it can help save you more e-liquid in the long run if you’re trying to conserve. Despite this, you might find that your button is fiddly, maybe sticking in when you try to press it, or maybe solidly stuck in place, causing it to ignite e-liquid at random intervals. 
How to fix: This is an issue that occurs when your button has become clogged with residue. The best way to fix this is by clearing out the grooves between the button and the mod. This can be easier said than done though so we advise that you take your time and go around the ridges with a toothpick or another kind of slim implement. Wipe away any residue that scrapes off and then continually try to push the button to ease the motion of the control. 
Tank / Pod issues and leakage
Vape tanks can leak and auto-fire when your e-liquid transfers to the atomizer incorrectly. This sort of thing can happen when the tank is cracked, the seal is broken/frayed, or you’ve been overfilling your tank. 
How to fix: The solution to this sort of problem is not so easy to break down in a few sentences. If you troubleshoot the listed tank issues, you’ll be able to find out what exactly is going on with your device. 
Condensation Issues 
Condensation issues can flare up between the tank/pod and the vape battery, which can lead to issues with how the battery and the pod communicate with each other. 
How to fix: This is a fairly easy fix that involves clearing out your device and completely cleaning it. This will ensure any sort of residue is eliminated from the device.
Worn / Faulty Hardware
This is what most people assume the problem is and it can be a real concern, especially if the kit cost a lot of money. This should only be truly considered if your kit is either very new or has been working and then suddenly ran into issues. 
How to fix: Firstly, to circumvent any doubt it’s a good idea to properly clean your kit. If this has already been done, you should troubleshoot your hardware issues. You should start by replacing the coil you’re using first, then your pod/tank, and then your mod. This is by far the most expensive method of correcting this issue but if you’ve been using the same hardware for a long time it’s to be expected.