Why Does Salt-Based E-Liquid Change In Flavor

Why Does Salt-Based E-Liquid Change In Flavor?

The popularity of salt-based e-liquids has increased since its introduction. They have a higher concentration of nicotine, so they can be an excellent option for habitual nicotine users to suppress their nicotine needs.

However, these e-liquids tend to change their flavors pretty fast, and this doesn’t mean that there’s a problem with your taste buds. Quality of e-liquid, among other factors, can cause this to happen.

1.Inevitable Separation
Salt-based e-liquids contain certain additives and extracts. Some are heavier than others, and it’s relatively easy for them to separate. This is where different layers begin to form, depending on the number of ingredients the manufacturer uses.

When you start vaping the separated the best e-liquid, various molecules will be heated at different times, causing the flavor to change entirely. You can deal with this problem by gently shaking the e-liquid. The molecules will combine, and the taste will go back to its original state.

2.Unkempt Vape Device
Leaving your vape device untidy is another reason for the change of flavor in salt-based e-liquids.

It’s important to clean your device thoroughly after use to get relaxing and enjoyable vaping sessions. Rinsing takes only about a minute and effectively combats the strong bitter experience that will only ruin your vaping experience.

3.Unbalanced Temperatures
This mostly comes about as a result of trying out new methods at home unsupervised. Trying out new DIY flavors without prior research may cause an imbalance in flavors and tastes.

The heat may be either too high or too low. It’s worth noting that excessive heat and light may greatly contribute toward the disintegration of your e liquid’s molecular composition. The ideal temperature for the storage of vape juice is 65-72 degrees Fahrenheit.

To enhance your vaping experience, always follow the right storage conditions and temperatures. When the molecular composition remains intact, you can enjoy the original flavor of your vape juice.

3.Delayed Replacement Of Coil
The vape coil plays a major role in heating your vape juice and keeping it vaporized. Staying for too long without replacing it will affect the functionality of your vape device negatively.

Overheating your device’s coil quickens the process of wearing it out. Consequently, you will notice sudden changes in the flavors of your e juices. They’ll begin to taste and smell differently from what you’re used to. Also, neglecting your coil affects factors such as cloud production and overall functionality.

Heavy vapers should also consider changing their vape coils every week.

4.A Vaper’s Tongue
This is a common factor that most vapers face during their vaping sessions. The most common reason for this is frequent exposure of the tongue to strong flavors. The tongue suffers adverse effects, which limits its ability to recognize certain flavors.

Vaper’s tongue is characterized by only tasting a single flavor out of a myriad of flavors. Worse still, you may not be able to taste anything at all. The remedy is quite simple. You could try out more exotic and assorted flavors to avoid putting your tongue through such experiences.

Vapers shouldn’t get too worried as this is something that clears up after about 24 hours.

If you wish to get rid of the vaper’s tongue sooner, you might also use mouthwash, unflavored e-juices, and give your tongue a break from vaping.

5.Substandard Quality Of E-liquid
Quality e-juices usually define a memorable vaping experience since cheap e-liquid tends to change faster. Moreover, you could be inhaling harmful substances.

The internet has been a reliable go-to for vapers that have a special spot for quality vape juice. All the quality brands of vape juice are listed on credible sites online.

Ensure to invest in high-quality vape juice brands since the manufacturers always know how to retain flavors for more extended periods. Check out all positive reviews to know what to expect.

Possible Solutions
If you’re always experiencing fast changes in the flavor of your salt-based e-juice, there are some tips you could try out. They include:

Practicing Safe Storage Ideas
As mentioned earlier, excess heat or light are the major causes of sudden changes in e-juice flavors. Safe storage also means placing your e liquids in a cool, dry, and dark place when not in use.

Starting Over
You’ll have to throw away your vape juice, clean up the tank, and fill it with fresh e-juice. Doing this will ensure that you eliminate leftover traces of e-juices that may have stayed longer than usual. Starting over gives you a fresh vaping experience free from awkward flavors and tastes.

Try Out Quality E-liquids
Always buy high-quality e-liquids for the best vaping experience and flavor.

Final Thoughts
Several factors could cause the flavor of your salt-based e-liquid to change. Following these tips to the latter will ensure that you get the most out of your vaping sessions.