Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt?

If you’ve been vaping for a while, chances are that you’ve gotten a burnt taste from your vape coil and so you might be asking yourself: “Why Does my vape taste burnt?” The taste of burnt cotton is very unpleasant and catches most of us by surprise. This article will cover many reasons why your vape can taste burnt and how you can fix your vape to avoid the burnt taste in the future.

One of the most common causes for a burnt taste from your vape or electronic cigarette is chain vaping. For those of you who are new to vaping, chain vaping is when you take multiple drags from your vape without stopping. Almost every vapers at some point has experienced a burnt taste from chain vaping. Vaping very quickly without giving your vape coil time to absorb e-juice is the quickest way to ruin your coil.

Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt?

Like we previously said, if you’ve been vaping for even a short period of time, you might’ve experienced a burnt flavor from you electronic cigarette or vape. You go to take a puff and you get a nasty burnt taste that burns the back of your throat and so you’re probably wondering what causes your vape to taste burnt? Burn taste from your vape is primarily caused when there is not enough vape juice left on the cotton inside your coil, so instead of vaporizing your e-juice, you’re burning the cotton and wicking material inside your coil. There are several other reasons why your vape may taste and we will cover them below:

#1 Vaping at Too High Wattage

Vaping at a high wattage that exceeds the recommended range of your coil can lead to a burnt coil because you will be vaporizing way more vape juice than the cotton or wicking material in your coil can handle. Basically, the cotton will not be able to absorb enough e-juice and will become dry and get burned. To avoid burning your coil, vape at the recommended range of your coil, usually most coil makers will have the recommended wattage range laser-etched on the side of your coil.

#2 Chain Vaping (Vaping Rapidly)

If you chain vape-i.e., take puffs rapidly without giving your vape a break, you might get the dreaded burnt taste from your coil. This usually occurs because the cotton and wicking material inside your coil gets dry and your cotton gets burnt. Sometimes putting down your vape for 3 to 5 minutes will allow vape juice to re-saturate your coils, but other times the materials are too burnt and you’ll need to replace the coil within your vape. Vapor Origin carries a huge variety of excellent vape coils and vape tanks.

#3 Vaping High VG Vape Juices

Not all vape juice is created equal. The amount of VG (Vegetable glycerin) that is in your vape juice affects the wicking capability of your coil. E-juice with more VG tends to be thicker and could cause a problem by not saturating the cotton or wicking material within your coil quickly enough resulting in burnt flavor from your coil.
Most vape juices comes in a 70VG/30PG blend which offer okay wicking, but if you’re having trouble with your coil, you may want to move to a 50VG/50PG vape juice because it’s thinner and will saturate your coils quicker, reducing the possibility of a burnt or dry hit.

Usually, the bigger the holes on the side of your coil, the more likely they are too be compatible with High VG vape juice. The smaller the holes, the more likely you’ll need a 50/50 PG/VG e-juice. Bottles of vape juice usually have the percentage of VG/PG on the side of the bottle.

#4 Not Priming Your Coils Properly

Not priming your coils has got to be the biggest reason why most vapers who pop in a fresh coil experience a burnt hit almost immediately. Priming your coils properly is the best thing you can do to ensure that you don’t end up with a burnt taste from your coil. Our in-depth article will show you all of the secrets of properly priming your coil.

#5 Vape Juice Level is Too Low

If you’re someone who likes to refill their vape tank with delicious vape juice only until you’ve squeezed every drop out of your tank, don’t complain if your vape tastes burnt. Waiting until the last minute to refill your tank could cause your coil to burn out and produce a burnt taste. This happens because your vape tank does not have enough e-juice in it to supply to your coil and when this happens, the coil won’t have anything to vaporizer and will end up burning out and producing the burnt flavor that you’re getting.

How to Prime Your Vape Coil?

We will now share with you the steps you need to take to properly prime your coils:

Take out your new vape coil
Drip some vape juice on the wick holes around your coil
Drip some vape juice in the middle of your coil through the large opening on top
Install your coil into your tank
Fill your tank with your favorite vape juice
Let your tank sit for 3 to 5 minutes
Take a puff without firing the device
Start with a low wattage and work your way up to your desired wattage (just make sure you’re not vaping more the recommended wattage of your coil)

Burnt Coil vs Dry Hit

Many vapers use the terms burnt hit and dry hits interchangeably so we are here to help you sort them out. Dry hits occur when there is barely enough vape juice on your cotton and wicking material and they result in a weird flavor and little vapor production. Dry hits are much different because they are very harsh and you taste burnt cotton and wicking material, it’s very nasty and you should avoid it at all costs. Chances are if you’re experiencing burnt flavor, it’s time to change your vape coils.

If you’re experiencing a dry or scratchy hit you’re in for a surprise if you continue to vape because the coil is telling you that it’s not getting enough vape juice. If you continue vaping you’re going to get a burnt hit eventually. So a dry hit should serve as a warning that you’re about to get a burnt hit unless you put your vape down and let e-juice flow into your coil.

How to Tell if Your Coil is Burnt?

If your coil gives a burnt taste chances are it’s ready to be tossed out and you’ll need a new vape coil. You can tell if your coil is burnt from the nasty burnt cotton flavor that it produces. If you get this flavor, the chances of saving the coil are slim to none because once it’s burnt, the only remedy is to throw out the old coil and pop in a new one. If you’re using an RDA, you’ll need to change out your cotton. If you’re using a vape tank, you’ll need to change out your coil.

That said, we have heard some complaints like “why does my vape taste burnt even with a new coil and right wattage for my coil?” We will address this question below.

Why Does Your New Coil Taste Burnt?


We get this question a lot and the story goes like this. I just installed a new vape coil and it tastes burnt. There are several reasons why your new coil may taste burnt, let’s start with the number one reason this may happen.

If you just installed a coil in your vape tank and you’re getting a burnt taste or weird flavor from it you either got a dud or you didn’t properly prime it before using it. Either way, replace the coil to see if the problem persists.

If you’ve replaced the coil and properly primed it and the problem persists, chances are you got a batch of fault coils. Try purchasing a new set of coils and you should be good. After priming your coils and using decent vape juice, you shouldn’t have any problems.

No More Burnt Vape Taste
We hope that this article taught you how to avoid getting a burnt taste from your vape. We covered all of the major reasons your vape may taste burnt as well as the solutions to those problems. Implement them and you’ll never experience a burnt hit from your vape ever again!