Why Does My E-liquid Taste Different All Of A Sudden?

Noticed your e-liquid tastes a little off? Here’s what could be happening
Whether you’re still new to the world of e-liquids and e-cigarettes or you’re a more seasoned vaper, you may have found that now and then, your vape tastes different – and rather unpleasant, to say the least.

This could be down to something as simple as a change in your preferences, but there are sometimes deeper underlying causes as to why your e-juice suddenly tastes so different.

The experts take you through some of the common reasons in this post.

You accidentally mixed two flavours
You might not have even realised you’ve done this until you experience a change in taste.

For instance, when cleaning your tank, if you haven’t prepared it for a new e-juice correctly then you can end up with a combination of different flavours – which usually doesn’t taste that great.

To clean your vape tank, all you need to do is remove it from your device and run it under clean water until you can no longer see or smell any leftover vape juice, then wipe it over and set it aside to dry.

You need to replace your coil
You might have been advised in the past to swap your coil every week or two, but if you’re frequently switching up your e-liquid flavour, you might want to do it sooner.

Your coil is the component that heats your e-juice, thus turning it into vapour.

It’s highly likely that some of the flavours will remain in the coil, so we recommend changing it whenever you want to try a new vape liquid.

Luckily, new coils aren’t expensive at all, so if you think you’ll be changing them often (a couple of times every week, let’s say), this shouldn’t be a major issue.

If you wanted to, you could even use a coil just for the day, storing it in a small plastic bag if ever you want to go back to the flavour you used it with – how convenient!

Check our blog post for more information on your coil and some possible signs it’s time to replace it here.

You have vaper’s tongue
If your favourite liquid suddenly tastes bad, or you can’t taste it at all, you might be suffering from something called ‘vaper’s tongue’. This happens when your tongue experiences a kind of ‘taste fatigue’ after using the same flavour too frequently for too long.

The good news is that its fairly common, so the fact you’re experiencing it isn’t unusual or something to worry about.

It’s definitely unpleasant, but it will resolve itself with time.

As bothersome as this may be, you might find that the best solution is to simply reduce your vaping frequency for a while. Or – if you’re looking for a quicker fix – you could try a palate cleanser.

Most vapers agree that the best palate cleansers are plain still or sparkling water, black coffee (hot or iced), lemon juice, unsweetened tea, pickled ginger, or milk.