From effectively operating your vape device to choosing a suitable e-liquid flavour from the abundance on offer, it’s normal to feel a little overwhelmed when you’re new to vaping. Regardless of vaping experience, there is one question all vapers hope to avoid: “why does my e-liquid taste burnt?”. To help prevent this unwelcome flavour, we have put together a list of possible causes and solutions so you can maintain that delightful hit of vape long after your purchase.

Why Does My E-Liquid Taste Burnt?
No matter if you opt for classic flavours like tobacco or minty flavours like menthol, you could experience the unpleasant taste of burnt vape if you’re misusing your device. In extreme cases, the burnt vapour cloud can catch at the back of your throat, causing a nasty, lingering cough. Fortunately, burnt e-liquid can be easily avoided if you’re aware of its top five causes:

1.Chain Vaping
It can be tempting to constantly take hits from a vape absentmindedly without giving the device a break. However, this vaping method can drastically shorten the lifespan of your coils. If you chain vape, your wick doesn’t have enough time to soak up the e-liquid, drying it out and causing that horrid burnt taste.

2.Not Enough E-Liquid
When using rechargeable devices, a burnt taste can occur if there is limited e-liquid on the wick inside the atomiser coil. Without the e-liquid to vaporise, the coil may get too hot and overheat, ruining your vaping experience with a burnt sensation.

3.Incorrectly Priming Coils
Vape coils naturally burn over time and require replacement if you want to maintain a delicious vaping experience. If you notice a burnt taste, it may be because your coils have been incorrectly primed.

4.Incompatible E-Liquid Formula
Although flavour should play a part when choosing your e-liquids, it shouldn’t be your only consideration. E-liquids come with different levels of Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG), so it’s important to choose a suitable e-liquid formula for your vape device too. Some vape tanks work best with high-VG vape juice, whereas others require a 50% or higher PG content. If you choose an incompatible e-liquid formula, your wick can dry out and burn.

5.High Power Vaping
If your wattage is too high, the e-liquid will vaporise at a rapid rate and prevent the wick from re-saturating fast enough. In this case, the coil is likely to burn the wick, causing that lingering burnt taste in your mouth.

How to Eliminate a Burnt E-Liquid Taste
Now you know why you’re experiencing that terrible burnt taste when vaping, it’s time to focus on how you can fix it. If you’re still wondering, “why does my e-liquid taste burnt?”, follow our simple solutions below to optimise your e-liquid flavours:

1.Alter Your Vaping Technique
Rather than taking short puffs one after another, try taking long slow drags that leave approximately fifteen to twenty seconds between the next. In doing so, your wick has enough time to absorb e-liquid and saturate between puffs to improve your vaping experience.

2.Adequate E-Liquid Levels
It’s important to monitor the amount of e-liquid in your vape tank before taking a drag. If you notice it’s low, refill the tank and leave approximately five to ten minutes before vaping, so the e-liquid has time to saturate the wick.

3.Lower Your Wattage
If you vape at a high wattage, consider turning your wattage down to prevent a burnt taste when vaping. The optimal wattage for your vape device is usually outlined on its packaging, so stick to what is recommended.

4.Avoid Low Temperatures
As the winter nights roll in and temperatures drop, the thickness of your e-liquid will increase, making it difficult for it to flow to the wick. To maintain an optimal liquid thickness, keep your vape device between 0-35°C.

5.Correctly Prime the Coils
It’s important to take your time when priming your coils so they do not burn when heated. Simply soak the dry cotton wick directly, so it’s properly saturated before you start vaping.

To avoid repeating the question, “why does my e-liquid taste burnt?” follow our simple tips and tricks above and beat that burnt taste for good. However, if you do experience that unpleasant flavour in the future, don’t be discouraged; simply discard the bad coil and purchase a replacement; just remember to correctly prime!