Why Does E-Juice Get Thinner When It’s Hot Out?

You’ve waited all winter for this moment. After spending months sitting out in the cold all by yourself taking quick drags from your e-cigarette before quickly running back inside, the temperature has finally gone up and allowed you to savor your favorite e-juices out in the sun. It’s all just so perfect.

Its all perfect until you realize that vaping in the heat is much different than vaping in the cold.
Once the temperature goes up, there are a number of steps that you’re going to want to take in order to maintain a quality vaping experience. You’re going to want to make sure to keep yourself hydrated at all times, since the combination of the heat and vaping can dehydrate you. You’re also going to want to make sure you keep your e-cigarettes and e-juices out of the sun, since the sun has been known to damage vaping supplies.
And maybe most importantly, you’re going to want to seriously consider changing the types of e-juices you use. Obviously, it’s a great time to use some of the fruitier e-juices that complement the weather. But that’s not what we’re talking about when we say you should use different e-juices at this time of year.
E-juices tend to get thinner once it starts to get hot out. It can affect your vaping experience and change the way your e-cigarette handles the e-juice. So if you’re not doing it already, you should accommodate for the changes by reconsidering the types of e-juices you’re using. Here’s a quick breakdown of why e-juices get thinner and what you can do about it.

Why Do E-Juices Get Thinner in the Summer

E-juices contain a blend of propylene glycol, or PG, and vegetable glycerin, or VG, in them. This blend differs from brand to brand with different vaping companies using different blends to create their products.
E-juices that have higher levels of PG in them, like 70/30 PG/VG blends, are known to be a little bit thinner than other e-juices since PG is generally thinner than VG. Meanwhile, e-juices that have higher levels of VG in them are known to be a little bit thicker than other e-juices since VG is generally thicker than PG.
If you use an e-juice that has maximum VG levels, then you might not notice a big change in your e-juice in the summer. They may thin out a bit due to the heat, but they will still be thick enough to provide you with a normal vaping experience because of the VG.
However, if you use e-juices with a lot of PG in them, since they are already thinner than other e-juices, and they will thin out even more once they are exposed to heat. This is why you might notice that your e-juice is extremely thin in the summer. It’s all about the PG vs. VG ratio

The Solution to the Problem

The solution to this common problem that many vapers face is, fortunately, pretty simple. If you enjoy using e-juices that have high PG levels, you will have to bite the bullet and find a better PG/VG blend to offset the effect that the heat is having.
Does this mean you need an e-juice with maximum VG levels? Not necessarily. Generally speaking, you can usually get away with a 50/50 PG/VG blend that will perform better than a 70/30 PG/VG blend in the heat. It will be slightly thicker from the start, which means that even if thins out in the heat, it will still be thick enough to give you a normal vaping experience.
If you are new to vaping, you might not be in the habit of checking PG/VG levels, but it’s easy to find them. Most vaping manufacturers will list the levels in their product descriptions and tell consumers which PG/VG levels were used to make specific e-juices. Keep an eye out for this when ordering e-juices in the summer, especially if you live in a part of the country that gets very hot.

Other Changes You Should Make

Outside of changing the e-juices you use in the summer to avoid having them thin out too much, there are some other steps you can take to prevent the heat from having a profound effect on your vaping.
You should make sure you are storing your e-juices properly at all times. The best way to store e-juices is by putting them away in cool, dark areas of your home. Some people have specific storage boxes for their e-juices, but even if you don’t take it that far, placing your e-juices in the basement of your home or another cool spot is usually your best bet.
You should also avoid storing e-juices in your hot car at any time. We all know how convenient it can be to keep a bunch of e-juices on tap when we’re traveling. But e-juices in a hot car will thin out dramatically, and it might be impossible to use it. The heat can affect the flavor of these e-juices and can even reduce the nicotine levels.
Overall, it’s a good idea to be extra mindful about where you put your e-juice bottles in the summer. You can prevent the heat from having an effect on them, but it’s going to take some work on your part.

Switching Your E-Juices Back in the Fall

Once the fall comes back around and the temperatures start to go down again, you can keep using e-juices with higher VG levels if you want. But you should know that they are probably going to be thicker than what you’re used to. You won’t have the heat to help you thin them out anymore.
If you don’t like using thicker e-juices—or you notice the thickness of your e-juices having a negative effect on your e-cigarette and the different parts inside of it—you should switch back to an e-juice that has more PG in it. That should solve your problem and bring your vaping experience back to normal again.
It’s really all about trial and error when it comes to vaping with different PG/VG levels. It might take you some time to figure out which blend works best at what time of the year, but once you’ve got it all figured out, you will be able to beat the heat and enjoy vaping more in the summertime.