Why do People Vape? (ANSWERED)

People vape for a variety of reasons and every person has their reason for vaping. However, there are a few common reasons why people vape and we are going to discuss the reasons people use electronic cigarettes and vapor products.

Vaping has exploded in popularity in the past decade but why do people like vaping so much? People vape for a variety of reasons ranging from the relaxation factor to vaping as an alternative smoking. Every person has a different reason as to why they vape.
The section below will cover the 9 most common reasons as to why people like to vape:

Reason #1 Alternative to Smoking Cigarettes

The most common reason why so many people started vaping is because it’s a great alternative to smoking cigarettes. Many opponents to e cigs will tell you that this is a lie but the internet is full of stories of people who have switched from smoking because they felt that electronic cigarettes offered a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. Some studies support the claim that e-cigarettes are healthier than smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes gained so much attention because they allowed smokers to mimic the action of smoking. Vapers may not have to light a vaporizer but they still get to hold their vape, inhale vapor, and exhale it the same way they would with a cigarette. When inhaling the vapor, former smokers even get a throat hit from the nicotine in e-cigarettes the same as a cigarette.

Research has showed the e-cigarettes are considerably safer than cigarettes (up to 95% safer) because there is no combustion or burning of tobacco, when you take combustion out of the equation you’re taking thousand of toxic chemicals and carcinogens out of the equation as well.

Reason #2 Vaping to Relax

Many vapers myself included vape to relax. The world is a stressful place and vaping makes it just a little more tolerable. Many vapers find the act of inhaling and exhaling vapor relaxing. Also, the e-cigarette market is full of great tasting vape juice and when you inhale and exhale vapor you get to enjoy a variety of different soothing flavors.

Because there is no combustion involved, the flavors of vape juices are crisp and fresh, which adds to the relaxation factor of vaping.

Reason #3 Control Over Nicotine Intake

When people use vapes and e-cigarettes they have control over the amount of nicotine they consume in a variety of ways. First, vapers get to choose the amount of nicotine in their vape juice strengths range from 0mg (nicotine-free) vape juice all the way to 50mg nicotine salts. Second, vapers can choose the type of device that they vape with and they can adjust the power on their device to produce more or less nicotine-containing vapor. Vapers can even choose nic-free e-juice and vape without consuming any nicotine at all. This is something that is impossible with tobacco cigarettes. Vapor Origin carries a wide variety of vape juice including nicotine strength ranging from 0mg regular vape juice to 50mg nicotine salts.
Reason #4 Enjoy the Flavors
Many people vape to enjoy the hundreds of flavored vape juices that are currently on the e-cigarette market. For those who are new, vaping involves vape juice, which is the liquid that goes into your e-cigarette. The e-cigarettes heats up the liquid to create the vapor that we all love and enjoy. Vapor Origin carries a wide range of e-juices ranging from Cuban Tobacco to Banana Oatmeal Cookie. There is a flavor for everyone.

Reason #5 Vaping Communities

Like many other hobbies and interests, vapers have created vaping communities and for some people vaping has become a lifestyle. Some vape shop owners have built communities of like-minded vapers and vape events are very common. Everyone knows everyone in the vaping industry. You can go to an e-cigarette convention and you’ll see groups of vapers talking to other groups socializing and showing off the newest and latest vape gear. The internet is also full of Facebook groups and groups of vapers on other platforms talking about e-cigarettes, vaping hardware, and vape news.

Reason #6 Cloud Chasing & Vape Tricks

Some vapers vape because they like puffing big clouds of vapor. Some vapers even gather together to see who can blow the biggest vapor clouds or who can blow a vapor cloud that travels the most. More recently, there are many people do vape tricks like blowing Os and Jelly Fishes and all sorts of weird sounding tricks. To perform these tricks and to blow vapor clouds you’ll probably need a powerful vape setup and some low resistance coils and you’re set. Buying VG heavy e-juice should help out as well.

Reason #7 Vaping as a Hobby

For some people vaping has become a hobby more than anything else. Just like some people have a hobby of collecting coins and rare items, there are many vapers out there who like collecting and using vape mods, vape tanks, RDAs, RTAs, etc. There is a ton of collectible stuff in the e-cigarette industry. Some mods sell for thousands of dollars. To some purchasing a $3,000 or $5,000 seems outrageous (it does to me) but some people enjoy doing it.

There are many different components and moving parts that go into vaping, you have experts at coil building others are experts at designing vape RDAs and RTAs. The options are endless and some people like tinkering with their vapes to see how much performance they can get out of them. We don’t recommend modifying vaping equipment but some people do it anyway.

Reason #8 Vaping is Cheaper than Smoking Cigarettes

Vaping can be an expensive hobby if you allow it to be. E-cigarette manufacturers release a new vape mods and new vape tanks every other week but if you want to save money (as many of us do) you can find yourself a decent starter kit, vape juice, and batteries for about $75. The only things you’ll have to purchase after your initial investment is vape juice and vape coils. A pack of 5 coils runs about $14 and a 60ml bottle of e-juice runs about $17. If you vape normally, you’ll probably need 2x 60ml bottles of e-juice and a pack of coils every month, bringing the total to approximately $48 per month.

Lets compare these figure to smoking cigarettes. The average pack of cigarettes if approximately $8 in California. Lets say you smoke a pack of cigarettes per day. Your monthly total would come to approximately $240 vs $34 for some vape juice and coils. Even if you add the initial investment of purchase vape hardware, your total will come out to $123 per month. So, vaping can be a cheaper alternative to cigarettes if you want it to be.

Reason #9 Vaping is Pleasant

The final reason we’ve heard as to why people vape is because it doesn’t leave the unpleasant smell that smoking cigarettes leaves. If you’ve ever been to a smoker’s home you’d know the smell we’re talking about. Not only do cigarettes make your home smell, they leave a yellowish residue on furniture and walls. With vaping you don’t have any of that.

Why Do People Vape (Roundup)

Many people vape for the reasons we mentioned above. Every person vapes for a different reason. Some vape as a way to quit smoking while some people who have never smoked vape. Vaping is relaxing for some people for others it’s an alternative to cigarettes. There are many answers to the question and we have given you the most common ones. We hope this article was informative and we would like you to share your reason for vaping.