Why Do I Vape More Than I Smoked?

Are You Vaping More Than You Ever Smoked?
Have you noticed that since you stopped smoking and started vaping, you pick up your vape more frequently than you did a cigarette? And now you’re wondering ‘why do I vape more than I smoked?’ 

There are definitely a few reasons why you are vaping more than you ever smoked if you are in this position. It’s also vital to keep in mind that vaping and smoking are two completely different things. 

That is why you might start to develop new smoking habits; nonetheless, we’ll cover this in a moment.

It’s More Convenient 
Vapes have countless advantages over cigarettes, including superior accessibility and simplicity. 

If you hadn’t realised before, convenience is a significant part of what makes vaping so appealing to ex-smokers. But because vaping is so accessible, especially if you’re using a disposable vape, you might use it more frequently than you might have anticipated.

Have you ever been rushing to a job interview, craving a cigarette to calm your nerves but you don’t want to stink of cigs before you head in for your dream job? 

Just having a few puffs of your fruity e liquid before going in could satisfy you in a more convenient, and tastier, way than cigarettes ever could. 

But this convenience could be making you pick up your vape every time you need a hit without you even realising it.

It’s Tastier
You might find you’re picking up your vape kit more often because you’re genuinely enjoying the taste of your vape juice. With a massive selection of different kinds of flavours, vaping offers a more mouth-watering solution to satisfying your nicotine cravings.

You might not be aware that you’re inhaling more when your new flavour combinations come along since you’re either trying out your vape liquid or you simply can’t resist the taste.

It’s Less Weather Dependant 
Remember the days you had to find shelter to roll and smoke your cigarette? Or you’ve had to wait for the rain to stop so it didn’t drown your cigarette? Vaping eliminates these struggles since the rain can’t ruin your smoking session.

This is probably one of the great things about vaping, you only need a few quick puffs on your device rather than having to struggle to smoke in the rain. 

So, you might be using e-cigarettes more frequently than cigarettes if the terrible weather didn’t prevent you from going outside.

You’re Not Vaping the Correct Nicotine Strength
If you’re vaping nicotine e-liquid, it could be the strength of the nicotine isn’t quenching your nicotine cravings as well as a standard cigarette could.  

In the UK, vape liquids are available in a range of nicotine strengths, with the highest being 20 mg/ml in either freebase nicotine or nicotine salts. 

Especially if you’ve recently switched from smoking to vaping and are new to the vaping community, it’s ideal to have a variety of strengths to select from because you can slowly start to decrease your nicotine strength as well. 

You might vape more if you select a vape juice with a nicotine strength that is too low for what you prefer. 

One study discovered that people who vaped with lower nicotine strengths inhaled more of it than people who vaped with higher strengths. 

However, nicotine vaping is entirely a matter of personal preference. It’s not a given that switching to an e-liquid with more nicotine potency will result in less vaping for you.

Considering the much faster absorption rates of nic salts compared to standard nicotine e-liquid, you may actually find that you vape less with nicotine salts as you’re given a satisfying amount of nicotine to begin with.

It’s Longer Lasting 
With vaping, there is not the same definitive finish as there is with smoking a cigarette. 

The majority of disposable vape pens have an approximate lifespan of 600 puffs or even more. 

If the e-liquid is full inside, you can often vape for far longer than you can smoke a single cigarette, even when utilising rechargeable vapes. 

If vaping doesn’t have a more defined end, you can find that you are using the device longer than you can smoke a single cigarette, which could result in you vaping more than you smoked.

You Can Get Away with Vaping More 
In the UK, vaping indoors in commercial and public buildings is not allowed, but if you’re fine with vaping inside your home, then you are probably picking up your vape kit whenever you want to. 

Some places actually allow you to vape indoors because it’s not prohibited by the smoking ban like some workplaces, bars, restaurants and nightclubs can choose to let you vape inside. 

Especially if you’re drinking, and their rules allow you to vape inside, you might be able to resist the constant vaping. 

It’s also more socially acceptable to vape since you’re not leaving a lingering tobacco smell or blowing the smoke in anyone’s face when they walk past, so you might feel more comfortable vaping near people.

Is Vaping Worse Than Smoking?
Just because you might be vaping way more than you smoked, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re harming your health more. 

In fact, the NHS released a statement saying they found that vaping is 95% safer than smoking cigarettes. Not only that, recent studies have found that if 50% of current smokers switch to vaping instead, hospital admissions would reduce by 13% and would ultimately save the NHS £518 million per year! 

Now don’t get us wrong, vaping nicotine hasn’t been proven to be 100% safe, but it is a lot safer than constantly smoking standard cigarettes. 

But we go more into this in our recent blog post about what happens when you quit smoking and start vaping instead.

Celebrities Who Switched to Vaping
Samuel L Jackson
Samuel L. Jackson has been open about his battle with addiction and subsequent recovery by utilising vapes instead. He even read out a poem about Boy Meets World whilst vaping on his e-cigarette! 

Kate Moss
Even one of the most ‘iconic’ and famous cigarette smokers, Kate Moss, has been seen puffing away on a Lost Mary disposable vape! 

Tom Hardy 
A lot of the time, if you see paparazzi photos of Tom Hardy or even interviews, he’s most likely got his vape tank in his hand!

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leo DiCaprio is probably one of the most known celebrity vapers. He’s a well-known vaping advocate and if you google ‘Leonardo DiCaprio vaping’ you will see some interesting stories!

Catherine Zeta-Jones
Following the throat cancer diagnosis for her husband, Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones reportedly started vaping instead.

So, Why Do I Vape More Than I Smoked? 
So, hopefully, you resonate with the reasons above as to why you may be vaping more than you ever smoked. 

Whether it be the convenient nature, tastier experience, weather influence, nicotine strength adjustment, longer-lasting sessions, social acceptance, or influence from celebrities, there are various reasons why you might find yourself vaping more than you smoked.

Every person needs to be aware of their own vaping habits in order to make decisions that are in line with their goals and general well-being.