Why A Cigarette Smoker Doesn't Need To Worry When Vaping?

Did you know that vaping is supposedly 95% safer than puffing on cigarettes? A study by Public Health England in 2015 spilled the tea on that one. Now, we all know smoking is like public enemy number one for your health. Of course, it's not a green light to turn into a vape wizard overnight, but it's a little nugget of info worth considering.  

·Start with mouth-to-lung vape devices 
Stay on the safe side of vaping by opting for mouth-to-lung (MTL) devices. Think disposable vapes, pod kits, vape pens, or cigarette-like vapes. They're not as hardcore as direct-to-lung (DTL) or sub-ohm vapes, meaning less vapor and a lower chance of hacking up a lung. Former smokers take note that MTL vapes are like the gateway to inhaling that's pretty much the same as dragging on a cig. A cigarette smoker can start with Firerose Nova 600 when new to vaping. 

1.Cleaning your vape device equals loving it 
Show your vape some love by giving it a regular scrub to keep the nasties away. Regular cleaning is the secret sauce to a safe vaping experience, ensuring your e-liquid stays pure and your vape tank is free from any unwanted surprises. Avoid the risk of overheating or sudden coughing fits by breaking out the rubbing alcohol or flavorless vodka. Carefully take apart your vape, let those non-electrical components like the tank and coil soak up the goodness, and then air dry on a paper towel for a solid 24 hours. 

·Get a water-protective case for your vape device 
Water in your vape is a recipe for disaster, possibly leading to short circuits or, in super rare cases, a battery fire. Stay away from bodies of water like pools, beaches, sinks, and even puddles if you want to keep your vape in tip-top shape. For some added peace of mind, think about grabbing a protective case. The water-protective case is like a superhero cape for your vape, guarding it against accidental water showdowns.  

·Giving your vape device a break from the overnight charging routine 
Give your vape a break from the overnight charging routine for a safer vaping experience. Charging during the day under your watchful eye beats leaving it plugged in all night. Overnight charging can lead to overcharging, potentially damaging your battery and shortening its life or, in the rarest cases, causing a little fire. Keep things in check by watching your vape while it's juicing up, unplug it when it's done, and say goodbye to overcharging and overheating headaches.

Steer clear of sketchy stores when getting your vapes; they're like a danger zone for counterfeit stuff, dodgy vape juice, and questionable electrical items. Good luck getting a refund or exchange with their no-returns policy. You'll lower the risk of ending up with fake goods and have the peace of mind to return a wonky vape hassle-free. When you want the best vaping experience, try Elux Legend 3500. You'll lower the risk of ending up with fake goods and have the peace of mind to return a wonky vape hassle-free.