Which Vapes Can You Use While Charging?

If you’ve ever gone to have a quick vape session just to find that your battery is dead, you know how frustrating that feeling can be. That’s why pass-through charging can be so appealing. Pass-through charging allows you to use your mod while it’s plugged in, and even as you’re using it, it’ll keep charging. 

A lot of vaporizers have this function, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend using it with all of them. Some of the mods with pass-through charging will actually damage their own batteries with the very feature that its designers implemented. In this case, the mod’s pass-through charging is for rare occasions as opposed to regular use.

That being said, if you’ve found yourself here, you’re more than likely looking for a vaporizer that you can use while charging whenever you want without negatively impacting its performance. So that’s exactly what I’m giving you. This is a list of six vaporizers with pass-through charging, and you’ll never have to worry about over-using the feature with these.

Which Vapes Should You Use While Charging?
When it comes to pass-through charging, the question should be “which vapes should you use” as opposed to which ones can you use. If you don’t want negative results, you should consider limiting yourself to mods with built-in batteries.
“Why?” you might ask. Let’s briefly talk about that before jumping into the list of the best vapes to use while charging.

Charging Replaceable Batteries
Charging with a cable will damage a mod’s replaceable batteries, despite the fact that a lot of these mods come with charging cables. You should only use your mod with that cable under rare circumstances.
These batteries feature a universal design, and you’ll see a drop in longevity with any of them if you charge them with a cable. Rather, you’re supposed to take the batteries out and charge them with a special battery charger. You could eliminate the wait-time by getting a couple of extra batteries and charging them while the others are in use.

Charging Built-in Batteries
Alternatively, you could just use a mod with a built-in battery. Overall, it’ll end up costing you a lot less than the method mentioned previously. It eliminates the cost of extra chargers and batteries, and the charging process itself is a lot more streamlined, so it requires less from the user.
The obvious disadvantage here is that vaporizers with built-in batteries decrease in quality over time, as all batteries do, but you can’t replace them. It’s the classic ease of use versus functionality conundrum that tends to pop up in all things tech.
It isn’t as big of a drawback as you might think. Built-in batteries decrease in quality much more slowly than they once did. In fact, they decrease so slowly that you’ll likely be ready for an upgrade before it even matters.

The Best Vaporizers to Use While Charging
These are the best vaporizers to use while charging. All of these mods feature built-in batteries, so you can feel free to plug them in and vape whenever you’d like. To accommodate a variety of preferences, I’m including a variety of mods with varying sizes and maximum wattage outputs.
Respectively, each mod is the best in its class. I’m covering everything from ultra-portables for the on-the-go vaper to powerhouse mods that’ll provide enough wattage for even the pickiest cloud-chasers. So without further ado, let’s talk about the best mods that you can use while charging.

Vaporesso Renova Zero 12.5W
Vaporesso is a brand known for its high-quality products, and the Renova Zero is their take on the ultra-portable, all-in-one pod system. It really takes advantage of the ultra-portable form factor with this intuitive design. Let’s talk about what it offers.
·The replaceable pods make vaping effortless. Just swap it out whenever the flavor starts to dip.
·Filling it couldn’t be easier thanks to the pod’s wide filling port. It’s the perfect size for an e-liquid bottle’s tip, so you don’t have to worry about the mess that can sometimes come with refilling an ultra-portable vaporizer.
·The Renova Zero is very tiny at only 3 inches tall and 0.5 inches wide. You’ll barely even notice it in your pocket.
·It’s almost half an inch shorter than the Juul, which is pretty impressive. It’s especially impressive when you consider the fact that it offers a maximum of 12.5 Watts and three different preset wattages to choose from.
·With 9 beautiful finishes and a variety of skins to choose from, it has several stylistic options that’ll satisfy the individual taste of just about everyone.
The Vaporesso Renova Zero is a very impressive package that I can wholeheartedly recommend to any vaper. It’s ideal for anyone looking for a high-quality, ultra-portable, all-in-one system with pass-through charging.

E-leaf iStick Amnis 30W
The iStick Amnis isn’t the smallest mod with a built-in battery, but it offers a significant amount of power that makes up for that. This vaporizers unique blend of portability and power makes it easy to take on-the-go and extremely satisfying to use.
·At around 4 inches tall, and less than 3/4 inches wide, this is a very compact, portable mod.
·With 30 Watts of power, it’ll pair perfectly with small form factor tanks to make the ultimate compact vape setup.
·The 900 mAh battery will provide almost any vaper with a full day of use thanks to the mod’s 30-Watt maximum output. I
·Its 0.15 – 3 Ohm resistance range makes it great for sub-ohm vapers and above-ohm vapers alike.
·Its ergonomic design makes it very comfortable to hold.
·There’s a large fire button located near the top of the device, right where your thumb naturally rests.
·The rubberized paint finish makes it very comfortable to hold.
The overall design was thought out very well, and it’s a high-quality vaporizer with a size to performance ratio that’s hard to beat. For reference, it’s only a fraction of an inch taller than the Juul, but it offers 4x the wattage.

Aspire Zelos 50W
This is another mod that offers a lot of power considering how small it is. The Aspire Zelos doesn’t offer quite enough power to completely satisfy the cloud-chasing enthusiast, but it would be the perfect secondary, on-the-go vaporizer for such a vaper.
·At just over 3 inches tall and less than an inch wide, this is a very compact vaporizer. This is especially true when you consider its impressive 50 Watts of power. Keep in mind that your tank will add some height.
·With a minimum resistance of 0.1 ohms, it’s compatible with just about every coil. It’ll be great for RDAs and tanks alike. 
·Temperature Control offers fantastic flavor and extended draws that’ll really allow you to get the most out of its 50 Watts of power.
·Its anodized aluminum finish and OLED display look awesome and give the mod a very premium look and feel.
The Aspire Zelos is high-quality, powerful for its size, and extremely portable. It’ll be perfect for a vaper that wants more power than an ultra-portable is capable of providing but doesn’t need as much as a cloud-chaser.

Joyetech Cuboid Mini 80W
The Joyetech Cuboid Mini is only slightly larger than our last entry, the Aspire Zelos. However, it offers 80 Watts of power, making its size to power ratio extremely appealing.
·This unit is just over three inches tall, and it’s about an inch wide. That’s extremely compact for a vaporizer that boasts cloud-chasing power output.
·The Zinc Alloy construction makes it very lightweight and durable.
·The OLED display is integrated so that it appears to stretch from the top of the mod to the bottom. It’s a unique and rather premium-looking stylistic choice, and the unit’s overall look is very attractive.
·Temperature control will allow the user to get cooler, longer draws, which extends its cloud-chasing potential past the 80-Watt mark.
It’s the perfect on-the-go vape for any cloud-chaser that wants a more-portable, secondary unit. It could also be a great mod for an aspiring cloud-chaser, as 80 Watts is considered the bare minimum for cloud-chasing. This mod is significantly smaller than most 80-Watt mods, and its built-in battery is largely to thank for that.

Innokin MVP4 100W
The Innokin MVP4 takes things up one more notch with an impressive amount of power and a surprisingly small form factor. This mod will serve cloud-chasers well.
It’ll even be great for aspiring cloud-chasers thanks to its precise wattage control. With this mod, an aspiring cloud chaser could potentially start at a lower wattage and work their way up to the 100-Watt mark.
·The Innokin MVP4 is a little over 3.5 inches tall, and it’s less than an inch wide. This makes it only slightly larger than the Cuboid Mini, and it achieves this form factor while offering significantly more power.
·It has a bright LED screen with all of the information that you could need. That includes power settings, resistance, and battery life.
·Precise Wattage Control and Temperature Control make this a very versatile mod.
·The MVP4 also functions as a power bank. This unique feature adds to the unit’s versatility, and it was a very innovative inclusion.
·The power bank feature won’t kill your unit’s battery thanks to its massive 4500mAh capacity. 
The Innokin MVP4 is an awesome mod with a ton of features. Temperature control is always nice to see, and the fact that it’s a power bank is very cool. It doesn’t take away from the functionality in any way, and having a power bank in your pocket at all times is bound to come in handy eventually.

Innokin Cool Fire Ultra 150W
The Cool Fire Ultra has a power to size ratio that’s extremely impressive. It’s actually slightly smaller than the MVP4. Granted, the MVP4 is offering a larger battery that makes its power bank feature possible. Still, if you’re focused on finding a powerful mod with a relatively small form factor, you can’t go wrong with the Cool Fire Ultra.
·The Cool Fire Ultra is less than 3 inches tall and just under an inch wide, which is very impressive for a 150-Watt mod.
·It features Precise Wattage Control as well as Temperature Control, making it a feature-loaded vaporizer with enough power options for almost any vaper.
·The build quality is good, although materials of a higher quality would do a lot for its premium factor.
·It has a very ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to hold.
It’s extremely small for the amount of power it offers, it’s ergonomic, and it has all the power control features that you could want. It’s a great mod, and the pass-through charging feature means that it’s ready to vape whenever you are.
Overall, it’s not at all hard to recommend to a cloud-chaser looking for a good mod with pass-through charging. You’ll love using it as long as the lack of premium materials isn’t a deal-breaker. It looks and feels pretty nice, but if you’re used to using a metal mod, it’ll leave something to be desired.

Vaping While Charging: Know When to Do It
A lot of built-in batteries feature pass-through charging, and using it won’t result in any kind of negative impact unlike the pass-through charging in mods with replaceable batteries. Vaporizers with built-in batteries require much less from the user and allow you to charge while you vape.
If you’re looking for new vape gear, there’s a great way to reduce the amount of time and stress that you put into it. Just check out my awesome list of recommended vape gear. I’ve tested and reviewed hundreds of products, and the outliers earn a spot on this list. If it’s included there, you can rest assured that it’s of the highest quality and worth your hard-earned cash.