These tips and tricks will help you keep your vape pen working and help you determine when it is time to switch to a new atomizer.

Your vaporizer’s atomizer is the heart of your vape, converting your battery’s power into heat to convert your vape material into vapor. Keeping it working correctly is critical to a properly functioning vape. However, even the best atomizers won’t last forever.

Most replaceable atomizers or cartridges are designed to be replaced every 4-12 weeks. Frequency of use, temperature used, and quality of the atomizer can all affect how often you will need to replace your atomizer or refillable cartridge.

There are certain symptoms that will indicate that it is time to change your atomizer or cartridge.  

You Are Getting Less Vapor
Although low vapor output can be a symptom of other issues, like weak battery charge or the need to fill your vaporizer with vape material like liquid, oil, or wax, low vapor output can also be tied to a failing atomizer.

An old atomizer may not heat up as evenly or as hot as it once did. This reduction in heat means that your vape material is not getting vaporized completely, or even at all. If your atomizer is no longer heating up the way you want it to, then it is time to replace it.

Your Vapor Smells Burnt
If your vapor tastes unpleasant or burnt, it is likely that you need to change your atomizer. That is because hot spots on your atomizer can overheat your vape material, giving off a burnt, stale, unpleasant taste. This can also be caused by burnt residue that builds up over time on these hot spots. Regularly cleaning your vape’s atomizer can help reduce these unpleasant flavors and extend the life of your atomizer.

Your Vape Material is Leaking
When you experience a leak from your atomizer or cartridge, it may be due to its being overfilled. Try not to fill your vape to its capacity to prevent spilling or leaks.

If your atomizer or cartridge is not overfilled but still leaking, you will need to replace it. That is because vape material that leaks from your atomizer or cartridge can make its way into your vape pen causing a bad connection, making the button stick, or leading to the battery failing.

Your vape cartridge might also leak from a crack in its glass. This can be caused by overheating your vape or by dropping it. If your vape cartridge is leaking from a crack, it is important to replace it. If it breaks completely, it could create a cutting hazard.

Your Atomizer Has a Buildup of Residue
Regardless of how often you clean your atomizer, residue from heated vape material can build up on your atomizer, minimizing its effectiveness. The less often you clean your vape, however, the faster this build up will occur. If allowed to build up, this residue can cause unpleasant tasting vapor, can clog your vape’s airway, and can even cause your atomizer to fail. Maintaining a regular routine cleaning your vape can extend the life of your atomizer.

Your Vape Seems Clogged
Your vaporizer relies on proper airflow to deliver vapor. As your atomizer or cartridge is used, small amounts of your vape material may make their way into the airway and mouthpiece, causing less airflow as it builds up. Cleaning your pen, including the airway, can help slow down this process. Try taking a paperclip or needle to clear any residual vape material out of your mouthpiece and air intake.

Want to Get More Life Out of Your Atomizer?
We recommend cleaning your vaporizer, including your atomizer about once a week or more depending on how often you use it. To clean your atomizer for wax concentrates, dip a cotton swab in 91% or higher isopropyl alcohol and using it to wipe off any residue that has collected around your atomizer, tank, coils, and mouthpiece.

Get to Know Your Vape Better
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