When Pod Coils Begin to Rust... Here's What You Do!

So, you’re already to enjoy a delicious salt nic vape with your pod system, but you look into the cartridge and discover what appears to be rust on the coil.  Can coils even get rusty?  And, if they do, is there a way to fix it?

Can Pod Coils Rust?
The truth is that yes, pod coils can rust.  Pod coils contain metal, and they sit in liquid.  As you know, that can lead to rust. 
But, that’s not to say that pod coils get rusty often.  It’s a relatively unusual occurrence, but when it does happen, it’s important to consider making some changes and even attempting to fix the coil.

Open vs. Closed Systems
One thing to consider is that open pod systems are less likely to give you rusty coils than closed pod systems.  That’s because with closed pod systems, the manufacturer fills their cartridges with vape juice beforehand.  That means that by the time you purchase your pack of pods, the coils have already been exposed to e-liquid for a while. 

How to Tell if Your Pod Coil Has Rusted
It’s fairly easy to tell if your coil is rusty.  Simply look at it and check if there’s any discoloration.  Bear in mind that sometimes, juice gunk can look like rust.  If your pod cartridge allows you to remove the coil, take it out and try to scrape the discoloration with your fingernail. 
If it’s juice gunk, you’ll know right away by the sticky consistency.

What to Do About a Rusted Pod Coil
Now that you know how it could happen, here’s what you need to do it fix the problem.

Switch to an Open Pod System
First, in order to avoid rusty coils altogether, consider switching to an open pod system.  This allows you to leave the cartridge empty when it’s not in use, which will mean that the coil is less exposed to liquid.

Don’t Let the E-Liquid Sit in the Cartridge for Too Long
If you must use a closed pod system, just try to use the pods as soon as you purchase them rather than buying a whole bunch in advance and letting them sit around.  Even if you’re using an open pod system, make a point to finish the e-liquid that’s in there as soon as possible rather than letting it sit around for a long time.  Typically, as long as you finish it within a couple of weeks, you’re all good.

Quality is Crucial
Quality matters when it comes to the longevity of your coils and how prone they are to rusting.  If your pod coil is made from a cheaper metal material, it’s more likely to rust.  It’s always worth it to splurge on high-quality coils and pod cartridges as well as high-quality e-liquid that won’t corrode the metal.

Try to Scrape it Off
If your coil is rusted, you don’t necessarily need to throw it in the garbage automatically.  If your pod system utilizes removable coils, take the coil out of the cartridge and try to rinse it off.  Then, try to scrape the rust off with a fingernail or some sort of sharp object, being very careful not to damage the wick.  If your coil is stuck inside the cartridge, try sticking a needle into the fill hole to scrape away.
If the rust still doesn’t come off, it’s best to throw out the coil or cartridge.

Use this Guide to Avoid Letting Rust Ruin Your Pod Coils
A rusty coil can be caused by a variety of factors, but if you can’t remove it, the coil is basically no good.  Luckily, there are some ways to prevent this from happening in the first place.