What You Need to Know Before Vaping

Compared with the old days, we can see an increasing number of people vaping in our daily life. What is the reason for that?

Numerous studies over the years have shown that smoking poses a threat to our health, making it the largest preventable cause of death. Plus, e-cigarettes are supported as a safer alternative by numerous medical organizations in the UK. Many smokers started to embrace vaping since the vape devices were first invented.

However, is vaping a more beneficial alternative to smoking? Is vaping harmful? Many arguments on it have been raised for these years. To help you gain some clarity and simplicity on the topic, this blog is written to figure out the actual pros and cons of vaping. Let's get to it directly.

Pros of vaping

1. Vaping is safer than smoking
In 2015, Public Health England (PHE) said that vaping is "at least 95% less harmful." E-liquids used in vaping contain far fewer chemicals than cigarettes and do not produce tar or carbon monoxide which are considered "two of the most harmful elements" of inhaling tobacco smoke. Those who make a switch from smoking enjoy multiple health benefits, including lower blood pressure, easier breathing, enhanced immune function, improved sense of taste and smell, and improved lung function.

2.Beginners Friendly
Thanks to the wide range of vaping devices on offer, there are many options for beginners to choose from, like slim pen vapes, simple pods, and disposable vapes. No experience is needed, and with almost zero maintenance, the inhale activation can provide you with a great vape experience.

3. Without disgusting smell
Once people smoke in public, they will quickly draw others' attention with its stimulative smell and greatly bother others around. It is owing to burning tobacco. Vaping differs to smoke, the smell of vapour is barely noticeable and will not remain on your clothes and your surroundings. Just imagine all the places you’re able to vape where you can’t smoke.

4. Second-hand vapour is less harmful than second-hand smoke
Both smoking and vaping can do something to the air. It is inevitable that other people in the same surroundings will inhale some air with light smoke or vapour. Studies show that more than 5000 chemicals, including 70 recognized carcinogens, are included in the smoke produced by tobacco products, while the vapour contains far fewer chemicals which can be negligible and it will evaporated very fast. So second-hand vapour is less harmful than second-hand smoke.

5. Instant satisfaction
Although some advanced kits need some initial fiddling, many simpler items are pre-filled and pre-charged. With a vape device in hand, you can use it to meet your cravings instantly. And average vape devices may keep you going all day long with zero or minimal maintenance.

6. Choose your own nicotine strength
Vaping allows you to have control over nicotine dosage. From nicotine-free to high-strength nicotine, e-liquid comes in a range of levels. You have the option of adding the exact amount of nicotine to your e-juice or none at all. The majority of vapers usually begin with higher nicotine strengths and steadily reduce them to lesser strengths or even give up nicotine in the end.

7. Adjustable vapour output
The adjustable vapour output is a big part of fine vaping experiences. For ease of use, some vapers choose smaller devices like pod vapes, while others prefer powerful mods for cloud chasing. You may further fine-tune your vapour volume by altering the power output, airflow, and coil type, which influences flavour too. Depending on how you choose to vape, you can be discreet or showy as you wish.

8. Various flavours
The e-liquid comes in a wide range of flavours, like fruit, desserts, beverages, mint and menthol, tobacco etc. And many manufacturers will produce more new flavours day by day. If you don't like the flavours offered in the market, you can even create your own e-liquild.

9. More economical and cheaper
Switching to vaping could save you a lot of money. According to Cancer Research UK's investigation, smokers spend around 475 pounds on cigarettes every three months on average, while vapers spend around 180 pounds on e-liquids and equipment. So, the costs of vaping are lesser than smoking cigarettes, which can help people save a great deal of money.

10. Access and availability
With vaping gain more and more popularity, it is not difficult for you to buy vape products. You can find good vape devices at vape stores, smoke stores, and gas stations. And you can also order it online same as other daily products.

Cons of vaping

1. Overwhelming options
Standing in front of the vape store and seeing an overwhelming number of devices displayed in the closet, you probably will get confused to pick up a vape for yourself, especially for a newbie. That is why many suppliers offer simple and convenient vapes for newbies to use.

2. Get a learning lesson
E-cigarette also is an electronic tool. It requires specialized knowledge before using it. Although there are simple devices for beginners to use, they need to have a basic concept of their ingredients and functions. If you would like to be an advanced vaper, you should learn more about the complicated information of vape devices and e-liquid.

3. Nicotine’s disadvantage
It is no denying that nicotine is considered a light drug. Most switchers may vape with some nicotine. To some extent, some individuals wrongly think that smoking and nicotine are interchangeable. You'd better learn to disregard the degrading remarks and ignorant viewpoints of some censorious people.

4. Long-term Costs
You cannot vape without e-liquid and vape equipment. Regardless of what types of vape devices you choose, it still needs your money to keep going. No matter how cheap it is, you may buy a new one to replace it.

5. Restrictive laws and rules
Known as the Tobacco Product Directive(TPD), vaping has become a perfect candidate for laws and regulations that limit vaping options, availability, and cost, mostly due to the "epidemic" of vaping that anti-vaping organization have been promoting. It is not good for vapers to meet their need for e-liquid and tanks, even though some companies have found a loophole.

6. Health Risk Uncertainty
Medical research has revealed that vaping is not harmful to people's health, but the available evidence is still insufficient since the practice is still relatively new. It is not completely risk-free. Therefore, if you vape, you run the risk that significant repercussions will be discovered in the years to come.

7. Appealing to teens
Selling e-cigarettes to anyone under the age of 18 in the UK is illegal, but there are many colourful and sweet-flavoured vaping devices in the market, easily appealing to teenagers. The charity Action on Smoking and Health(ASH) found that in 2022, 7% of people aged 11 to 17 reported that they vaped, up from 4% in 2020. So, it deserves our attention

Vaping has many benefits, though there are some problems that should not be ignored. After reading this blog, do you have a better understanding of its advantages and disadvantages? If yes, you can make a decision on your own now.