What You Need to Know About Mixing Vape Juice

Just as knowing how to mix epic cocktails is a surefire way to make friends at a party, knowing how to create some great vape cocktails is an increasingly popular skill. With the growing popularity of vaping comes a wholly new variety of flavour combinations – and fun – to this modern social pastime. If you’re wondering how to mix vape juice to create tempting new flavours, keep reading – we’ve got you covered.

Why mix vape juices?
Good question. The truth is that there are literally thousands of flavours of e-liquid on the market, which means a nearly infinite number of possible combinations. So, you might simply be craving something new and different, and you can achieve it by mixing juices. Another good reason to mix juices is to create your preferred nicotine level when you’re out of your favourite liquid. For example, let’s say that you want 3mg e-juice, but you have only 0mg and 6mg lying around. You can mix these to form the right combo.

How to get started
If you’re new to mixing e-juice or you’re trying out a new flavour combination you aren’t sure about, it’s a good idea to start small – you don’t want to fill your tank with juice that turns out unpalatable. Also, anytime you mix up a new concoction, be sure to keep track of exactly what you put in it. There’s nothing worse than coming up with an amazing flavour only to realize that you have no idea how to repeat it.

Finally, it’s recommended that you stick to the same bases when mixing. E-juices all use propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin as their base. Maintaining the right ratio of VG and PG will help you create a successful blend. Higher amounts of PG will produce a thinner liquid that offers more of a throat hit and less vapour, while more VG will mean a thicker liquid that creates bigger clouds and is easier on the throat.

What flavours should you mix?
Once you know some basics and you’re ready to start mixing, the next question is naturally, “What flavours would be good to mix?” The sky’s the limit – you have a whole world of flavours to explore, and it can be a lot of fun to experiment. If you need a little inspiration to get started, keep in mind that mixing vape juices is a lot like mixing flavours in food.

Here are a few ideas:

·Tobacco eliquid flavours. While tobacco may not be a food flavour, it is still one of the most popular among vapers. Blend it with apple, rum, vanilla, or a variety of other options for a smooth and rustic finish.

·Fruity eliquid flavours. You can usually mix sweet and tart fruit flavours with smooth flavours like vanilla or rum. For example, you might try mixing apple and caramel, strawberry and chocolate, or raspberry and white chocolate.

·Sweet eliquid flavours. Sweet vape flavours are a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth with no extra calories. Try blending dark chocolate with sweet fruit, cinnamon with walnut and apple, or vanilla with just about any sweet flavour you can think of.

·Nutty eliquid flavours. Just like real nuts, nutty-flavoured e-liquid will go well with sweet and spicy flavours. Try hazelnut or pecan with chocolate, coffee, cinnamon, or apple for an old-fashioned taste combination you’ll love.

·Mint / Menthol flavours. Mint flavours are a favourite because they freshen your palate and treat your taste buds to that zingy feeling. Try pairing mint with citrus or chocolate for a burst of fresh, delicious flavour. Peppermint and vanilla is another great classic combo to test.

Keep in mind that these are just a few suggestions and only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to e-juice mixing. Don’t be afraid to come up with some of your own ideas and play around with different flavours – you’re sure to end up with a few new favourites for you and your friends.