What to do With Your Old, Broken, and Barely Used Vape Products

What happens to those obsolete accessories for long-lost and broken vape devices, or the half-empty bottles of e-liquid that find their way into that junk drawer everyone seems to have? Ex-smokers will be familiar with that straightforward ash and flick towards the nearest bin or gutter (bonus points if you actually get it in). Disposing of vape-related products, however, isn’t quite as easy.

As more people turn to vaping, it’s becoming increasingly important to know how to dispose of vape waste in responsible ways. Continue reading to learn how you should properly dispose of your vape products.

Begone, Batteries!
You’ve huffed and puffed, hoped and prayed, but nothing is coming out of your trusty vape; the battery’s dead. It’s time for a new one, but how do you lay this fallen soldier to rest? Due to the toxic nature of batteries, you should avoid tossing them in the rubbish. If you do, they’ll be carted off to a landfill where they can cause environmental damage.

So, what can you do? Well, here are a few suggestions. There are hazardous waste collection sites, typically found at your local landfill, that are more than willing to take them, or you can leave them with a battery recycling station. These are the most responsible ways to dispose of your batteries as they are taken to purpose-built facilities where they are broken down in a way that doesn’t cost the environment.

Saying Goodbye to Your Old Vape Devices
Disposing of other components such as vape pods and cartridges does not require as much care and attention as batteries, though you should still recycle them responsibly. That old vape pod starter kit can be made from all sorts of plastics, metals, and glass, making it essential to separate accordingly when disposing of it.

Be sure to clean each component before recycling them, as there will likely be residual e-liquid. This is because e-liquid contains nicotine that can be harmful to the environment and complicate the recycling process.

Stop Hoarding Vape Juices!
That roast chicken e-liquid sounded terrific in your head, but now it’s sitting in the bottom of your junk drawer, turning brown and taking up space. Eventually, it’s forgotten about it until you need something else from the drawer and discover it again. What’s the plan? How do you get rid of it now that it’s expired, curdled, and gross?

You may start eyeing the rubbish bin as the path of least resistance; don’t! E-liquids contain harmful chemicals that can seep into the ground and cause potential harm to the environment and wildlife if they end up in landfills. Instead, turn on your hot water and pour it down the sink. The hot water can help to break down the nicotine.

It’s Time For an Upgrade
Stop putting up with that cracked vape pod you have to hold just right so it doesn’t leak. Get rid of the neglected e-liquids that won’t stop multiplying. Just make sure you do so responsibly!