Vaping is an alternative to smoking. One who switches from tobacco to vaping could more clearly explain to you the difference between both of them. But as a matter of fact, vaping is environmentally friendly than smoking. Even with the several environmental benefits, you are still searching for better experiences while taking care of the environment. No doubt that you will end up with several vape mods, but the question that arises here is what to do with old vape mods after you have upgraded to something newer? However, most of the new vape mods are less convenient than previous ones, but as a vaper or as a human being, we always drive for more and reach better. Here are some handy tips on what to do with old vape mods and how to recycle them to enjoy those tremendous vaping clouds. 

Old Vape Mods

Recycling your old vape mod is the most convenient way which does not harm the environment.

Sell your old vape mod
 If your vape mod is not broke, then sell it online or visit any retail shop that sells and buys second-hand vape mods. Selling it will throw a couple of bucks in your hands, which is not at all a bad thing.

Give it to your friend
 If you do not want to sell your old vape mode, you can give it to your friend as well. Because you will surely have a friend or a coworker who loves to vape. 

Keep your old vape mod as a backup
Another thing which you can do to your vape mods is keeping them as a backup. For instance, working in a backyard or going to the beach, you must not feel comfortable to bring your new mod out; in such a situation, you can take out your old vape mod. 

Old Vape Batteries

Static, unbroken batteries
If you have decided to keep your vape mod in the drawer, then remove the battery first if possible. Some vape mods come with a static battery. Do not forget that static batteries need to be recharged every month. You should not drain it to zero before keeping it in a drawer because it may not take charge in the future. 

Broken batteries
If they are broken and you have decided not to use them again, then there are still three ways to recycle them.
Take them to the nearest vape shop which will recycle them
Find drop-off-spots where you can drop your defective batteries and go away.
Get connected with some organization that is working for the environment. You should encounter first that they are providing all the necessary tools to make recycling easy.
If you are disposing of them, make sure that you have appropriate components for it due to which environment remains unaffected.

Old Vape Tanks 
Sell old, unbroken tanks
If your tank is not broken, but you are bored with it, you can sell it to a vape shop or any retailer store and make some money off it. 
To store old vape tanks
If you want to store and save your old tank, then remove the coil and clean it up. It would be easy to clean now before your juice dries up. 
What to do with old broken vape tanks?
If the tank is broken, rinse the tank to remove any extra juice and then trash your broken tank. But do not forget to save that drip tip. A backup drip tip is essential to have as a backup lying around. The secured drip tip will help you a lot in a rainy day. 

Old Vape Coils
As a vaper, you will surely know that the coils are the only thing that you are going to buy on and off. Coils are made of metal, and they can be recycled to the same metal with the same quality. Just make sure that you are categorizing your coil’s metal appropriately. If you are a pet lover and you also love to vape, then you must be more careful because nicotine is toxic to cats and dogs. For dogs, it causes nausea, vomiting, increased heart rate are among the symptoms that are associated with nicotine poisoning. The smaller or younger dog is more is the impact of danger on it. You should keep your vape coils with great care, but in case if you have pets like dogs and cats, then you should take more care of both of them than before. 

Types of Vapers
When it comes to old ape mods, there are three types of vapers. He could be a collector, trader, or seller. Let’s briefly explain them for your better understanding. 
A collector is the one who collects old vape mods for a good reason. Some vapers will collect old vape mods because once the vape mod gets out of fashion, not a single trader or seller will buy it from them. Some vapers also collect them to recollect their memories. 
The vapor that trades old vape mod is just looking for new vaping mods in the industry. Once we are connected with vape mods, we always want to get more and more advanced vape mods, and then previous ones would not help you in such a way that you are expecting from the new ones. Several vape trading stores take your old vaping mods for selling.
The seller is the one who is trying to sell his old vaping mod to compensate for some of the money he invested in the product. If you are an old vape seller, be confident, there is nothing wrong in it. Keep in mind that if you are not collector, most of the vape mods are not suitable for you. Then you can sell them to get some of your money back. 
Here we have provided a simple guide on things you can do when you have old vape mods. Whether you are a collector, trader, or seller, it will help you a lot.