The majority of vapes on the market utilize a heating coil to properly heat up the material contained within the chamber. Everything from dry herb vapes to box mods use some sort of heating coil to get the job done. There are a few vapes on the market that do not use coils, however. Here we will be discussing just that.

Vapes and Coils
A heating coil is basically a component within the vape that is responsible for heating up material to a point of convection or combustion. Most vapes come with interchangeable coils that will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. Standard traditional vapes need these coils to function and heat up your material to produce vapor.

Dry herb vapes come with a fixed coil that cannot be directly replaced, while 3-in-1 vapes come with the ability to swap out your coils for other ones. Wax and oil pens differ slightly in that if you come across a rebuildable drip atomizer, then replacing the cotton will be the only way to avoid the whole coil issue.

The main type of vape that people will encounter that does not need to have a coil replaced is a disposable vape pen. In fact, nothing in a disposable vape pen is designed to be reused or replaced. Certain pod-based vapes on the market are also built to not have a coil that needs to be tinkered with. When it comes to vapes and coils, what you really want is a vape that requires very little in the way of maintenance and replacement.

Disposable Vapes
Disposable vapes offer the user more leeway and convenience when it comes to not having to replace anything, including the coils. The vape battery and chamber are all but fixed onto a disposable vape and are not meant to be opened or serviced in any way. The coils contained within a disposable vape will remain fixed until the vape has become spent.

In fact, the quality of the coils inside a disposable vape happens to be quite low since disposable vapes are not meant for the long haul, hence why they can be made with lower quality materials. It is not advised that anyone attempt to open or replace a disposable vape to get to the coils. Unlike traditional vapes, however, disposable vapes do offer more in terms of convenience since once a vape has been spent, it is discarded for a new one.

This can be much easier than having to open and replace a coil by hand. Simply buying a new one and using it without having to worry about replacement parts makes disposable vapes very popular. Add to that the simplicity and convenience of having a streamlined session that is initiated by either a button or the draw of your breath, and you have one of the best experiences for a vape session.

Other Types of Vapes
RDAs, otherwise known as Rebuildable Dripper Atomizers, aka Drippers are heating elements that must be built by the user. These utilize a wicking system that holds e-juice by manually dripping onto the wick itself. These are known to produce enormous clouds of vapor and intense flavor profiles.

Vapes such as this do not utilize a traditional coil and offer the user one of the best vaping sessions when utilizing e-juice. No other type of modality can offer users a more robust vaping experience than that of a box mod or RDA. It should be noted that if one modifies his or her own vape, care must be considered as one needs a bit of knowledge and experience to undertake a vape modification.

Other vapes on the market are commonly associated with coils and are not as uncommon as you might expect. Since RDAs and mods require expertise, they are not as popular. Nonetheless, they remain the most impressive and sought-after types of vapes since they produce the biggest clouds and the most customizable features.

When to Deal with Coils
The truth is that dealing with coils is not a complicated thing. The only time you will ever have to deal with coils is either when a coil is malfunctioning or has burnt out. Over time, replacing a coil will be a regular part of maintaining a vape. It will have to be done eventually. Overusing or otherwise making it so that your coils must be replaced sooner will only add to the monotony.

Coils are relatively cheap and are straightforward in terms of replacement. Unlike mods that require expertise and a knowledge of certain elements like electricity, replacing a coil is as simple as switching it out for another one. Depending on your make and model, coils may differ as the method used to install one.

Vapes that do not require coils may sound simpler, though if you are looking for something that is easy to deal with and does not require you to throw away your vape and buy a new one every time, then going for a traditional vape may be your best bet. As with any other type of vape on the market, dealing a coil less vape requires that you maintain your vape for as long as it is available to produce vapor.

Final Thoughts
Disposable vapes are convenient, there is no doubt about that. They are even preferred by many over traditional vapes due to their streamlined approach and ease of use. What sets them apart from standard vaping units, aside from their coils, is the fact that disposable vapes do not require any preparations.

Loading a chamber or replacing a coil is standard when it comes to many portable vape pens, though with a disposable vape, these are things of the past. No coils, no batteries, no tanks, nothing. Some disposable vapes are activated by simply drawing in the breath! Nothing can be more convenient. RDAs require some knowledge of being able to build a heating element, and so they are not as popular.

Furthermore, if you wish to go down the road of mods and building your own heating unit, make sure you read up as much as you can before attempting to undertake the endeavor. Not only can mods be a bit of a hassle without thorough understanding, but it can also be downright dangerous.