What Makes Refillable Pod Vapes So Successful?

When you’re looking to give up the ciggies, vaping offers one of the easiest transitions to a smokefree lifestyle. Over the last few years, pod vapes have become incredibly popular and dominated the market. Chances are, if you walk outside, you’ll see at least one pod-style vape within mere minutes! This blog post breaks down what makes refillable pod vapes some of the best vapes on the market.

They’re Convenient
Asking “what is the best vape on the market?” will get you a broad range of answers, as every vaper has their own device preferences. After the Juul hit the market, pod devices soared in popularity, and it’s design was adapted into a growing range of innovative refillable pod systems. More advanced vapers will still opt for a Direct-to-Lung mod device for the big clouds, hard hitting-nicotine, and customisation, but most people want something simple. Refillable pod vapes generally have no more than a single button and detachable pod with an internal coil, 1.0Ω or higher. This means no fiddling with tanks and coils, just refill and go—eventually replacing the pod when it’s worn out. 

Great Flavour & Smoother Hits
Because refillable pod vapes use a 1.0Ω or higher coil, they’re perfectly suited for nicotine salt E-liquid. Nicotine salts allow you to vape much higher levels of nicotine to satisfy your cravings, with a much smoother throat hit than freebase E-liquids.

On top of the smooth throat hits, nicotine salts have made become wildly popular for the rich, mouthwatering flavours they produce. If you’re looking to get your nicotine hit with a delicious flavour, refillable pod vapes are the way to go.

They’re Affordable
If you’ve ever been a smoker, you’ll know how much damage your wallet can take from the habit. This can be one of the leading reasons people choose to give up smoking. Switching to vaping offers immediate savings with a one-off cost, refillable pod vapes being some of the cheapest on the market.

A bottle of nicotine salt E-liquid will cost you close to a pack of smokes but will last a heck of a lot longer, so refillable pod vapes can save ex-smokers hundreds of dollars every year. As cigarette prices rise, pod-style vape systems continue to soar in popularity.

They Feel Like The Real Thing!
Pod vapes are generally used for Mouth-to-Lung vaping, resembling the way one would inhale cigarette smoke and producing smaller clouds of vapour. MTL vaping devices have a tighter drawer than larger vape mods, which is comparable to the draw of a traditional cigarette.

It doesn’t stop there! Pod vapes don’t just feel like the real thing; the extensive, delicious range of tobacco flavoured vape juices out there make it taste like the real thing too.

See What Makes Pod Systems Great
What is the best vape? Ultimately, that’s up to you! Whether you’re looking to give up smoking or you’re already an avid MTL vaper, looking for a new device, we’ve got everything you need. NZVAPOR provides high-quality products to vapers in Australia; pods, mods, E-liquids—whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got it.

If a refillable pod system sounds like the best vape for you, or you want to see what makes it so successful for yourself, browse the full range online today!