What Is Variable Voltage Vaping?

It used to be that vape pens were what they were and that was the end of the story. You would have turned the device on using the power button, and then just started vaping. Today, that’s thankfully not the case. In this article, our specialists are going to explain exactly how variable voltage allow you to take full control over your vaping experience.

What Are They?
The original vape pen would have only fired at 3.7V, but today e-cigarette brands are offering variable voltage vape batteries that can handle up to 4.8V. Some vape pens require a simple twist of a knob while on others, you can scroll through a pre-set menu to choose your desired voltage. Others even have automatic self-regulating systems that change the voltage for you as you vape. In any case, there are never any OLED screens or advanced controls.
Otherwise, box mods and very complex tube mods would be the only kind of devices that offered any kind of customization. E-cigarettes may come with a manual battery, but that’s about the extent of your control. That being said, box mods can also prove to be quite complicated.
If you’re not familiar with Ohm’s law or you don’t want to invest time in learning about resistance levels and wattage output, a box mod may be overwhelming. There are plenty of vapers who choose to stick with simpler devices just because they don’t care to fiddle with a leaky tank or a tricky atomizer.
Variable voltage e-cigarettes provide you with a compromise. The simplicity of a vape pen with the personalization of a box mod.

What Are The Benefits of Variable Voltage Vaping?

The main benefit is, in a single word, variety. Variable voltage vaping adds variety that you wouldn’t have had otherwise, and the difference, while subtle, is certainly significant. Vaping the same old flavors at the same old voltage setting will get old rather quickly. You want to make sure you’re shaking things up a bit every once in a while. Sometimes you’ll be in the mood for a harsh throat hit with lots of vapor while at other times you might feel a bit more mellow.
Plus, vaping really isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of hobby. Different e-juice flavors perform best at different voltages. You’ll want to play around with the settings until you find that sweet spot.

Why Is This Something You Should Care About?
So, is this important, or is this just another useless feature electronic cigarette brands use to tempt me?
Variable voltage vaping may not be the best invention since sliced bread, but it will help bring your vaping experience to the next level. Here are some of the reasons why you should care about variable voltage vapes:

1.The Size Of Your Clouds: You don’t use a vape pen if you want to chuck clouds, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to blow some vapor rings on a high-quality vape pen. Raising the voltage will help you produce thicker, denser clouds of vapor even with a basic device. On the other hand, lowering the voltage will help you keep your activities discreet if you’re, say, in a public area and would prefer not to call attention to yourself.
2.A Satisfying Throat Hit: Most former smokers report that they crave the satisfying punch at the back of the throat that they believe only cigarettes can provide. Variable voltage vaping gives you the chance to find settings that really work for you. The higher the voltage, the harder the throat hit, and a satisfying throat hit might just help you give up cigarettes for good.
3.Flavor: The flavor in your bottle of e-liquid isn’t necessarily the end of the story. There are a number of factors that influence the flavor of the vapor. The distance the e-liquid travels from the atomizer to your mouth, the amount of airflow, the size and build of your coils, and, of course, the level of your voltage all have an impact on overall taste.

Variable Voltage Vaping Final Thoughts
Variable voltage vapes gives you that much more control over your experience. You don’t want your vaping routine to grow dull, and so you want a vaporizer that works with you. Whether you want a stronger throat hit, a more intense flavor, or larger clouds, variable voltage vaping allows you to customize your vaping experience on every puff. What could be better than that?
If you’re ready to shake up your vaping routine, check with your favorite electronic cigarette brands to see what kind of variable voltage device might be right for you.