What is the best tank for big clouds?

Cloud chasing becomes fun only when you have the perfect vape tank that produces huge clouds with little effort. E-juice, airflow, wattage, and coil heads are the key players that are responsible for enjoyable cloud production. However, Airflow and the coil heads remain the key players to achieve great cloud chasing sessions.
Cloud chasing and sub-ohm vaping go hand in hand. So, what is the best tank for big clouds? Sub-ohm tank? In my experience, I have used a lot of expensive and powerful vape tanks. When it comes to cloud chasing, I couldn’t stop thinking about the Innokin Ajax tank.

Let me show you the best vape tank for big clouds.

Innokin Ajax tank
Ajax tank is an attractive vape tank that comes in silver, blue, and black colors. It looks a bit small when compared to some top-rated cloud chasing tanks. However, you'd be surprised to know that the base of the Ajax tank is 24mm in diameter.
The base of this cloud chasing vape tank is pretty big. But, it fits well on most of the mid wattage and high wattage mods in the market. That’s not all, the threaded 510 connection works perfectly with most of the mods without any overhang issues.

Tank capacity
The tank can hold up to 5ml of vape juice to give you an uninterrupted cloud chasing session. 5ml is fairly sufficient for a couple of extended sessions. In any case, you won't have to break your cloud chasing game due to the low juice level. Likewise, the tank doesn’t leak even when you use it in its full capacity.

Coil configuration
Ajax tank comes with a pre-installed coil head and a spare coil head. It is pre-installed with 0.16ohm coil which can be fired at a maximum of 80 watts and as low as 50 watts. The other one is a 0.35ohm coil which is built to be fired in the range of 30 to 55watts.
Both coils are made to fire high-VG e-liquids to produce huge clouds. At the same time, both the kanthal coils perform way better than the coils from Innokin’s rivals.

Airflow settings
The airflow is not too airy when you open both the air slots. You can use this vape tank for direct to lung vaping and cloud chasing. At the same time, you can close both the air slots to enjoy tighter draws whenever you feel relaxed.
The bottom airflow control seems to be highly effective on both the airflow slots. Even a slight adjustment can be felt easily while you take a draw. Innokin’s Ajax tank is proved to have one of the efficient airflow settings that can produce thick and flavorful clouds.

A vape tank that comes with ideal coil configuration and perfect airflow settings is the best vape tank for big clouds. Having said that, Ajax tank is one of the best vape tanks for big clouds that won't leak.

Besides, Ajax vape tank can produce decent flavors, and it can handle heavy usage in the long run. It can outperform rival brands when it comes to longevity and consistency. Above all, the coils last longer than we expect while delivering more vaping hours by burning lesser e-liquids.