What Is Sub-Ohm Salt Vape Juice?

Sub-Ohm Salt Vape Juice is the new wave in the vaping industry, yet not a lot of people know what it is or why it was even made. Chances are, you were once vaping freebase nicotine and have recently switched to salt nicotine with the boom of pod-based systems that took the vaping market by storm just a couple of years ago. By sharing this article explaining what sub-ohm salt vape juice is, we hope you can make an informed decision on if this new wave is one you want to ride.

Salt Nic Vape Juice VS. Freebase Nic Vape Juice
It’s very likely that you have been vaping on salt nicotine vape juice. While freebase nicotine vape juice still remains as the most sold, it looks like salt nicotine juice is the most used. Allow us to explain why.
Salt nicotine vape juice is being used in every disposable nicotine device that is pre-filled, it is being purchased for pod systems, and now it is beginning to gain even more popularity from sub-ohm salt vape juice. Though everyone isn’t necessarily buying salt nicotine, they’re definitely getting it from the devices they’re using. And, if you didn’t know, the disposable market is booming right now.
So, what is the difference between nicotine salts and freebase vape juice? Well, freebase nicotine has been chemically modified to become more potent. This nicotine was all that was available for the vaping industry, yet has been used by tobacco companies for years upon years. The problem with it is that it is very harsh in high milligram strengths or when it’s vaped at high wattages. This is why most vape juices are only available in low strengths, such as 3mg and 6mg.
On the other hand, salt vape juice is quite the opposite. Often referred to as salt nic or nicotine salt, salt nicotine hasn’t been around for very long. It was developed by taking nicotine compounds from the tobacco plant, then isolating them. To create a smoother experience, benzoic acid is then added, maintaining potency, yet removing the harshness found in freebase or traditional nicotine.

What Is Sub-Ohm Salt Vape Juice?

From the time it was introduced onto the market, salt nicotine vape juice has been used with only pod-based systems, such as the Juul, puff bars, and other pod-based systems or disposable vapes. However, vape juice manufacturers are coming up with new and innovative ways to make vaping more enjoyable for those that use high wattage devices or sub-ohm tanks.
Typically, sub-ohm vape juice has a thick consistency with a higher percentage of vegetable glycerin. This vegetable glycerin ingredient in vape juice is the part that helps you enjoy more vapor production. By combining the thicker sub-ohm vape juice with the newly developed salt nicotine, sub-ohm vapers can now enjoy the best of both worlds; smooth draws and a heightened level of vapor production. There are many more benefits to using a sub-ohm salt vape juice, so allow us to share them with you.

Benefits of Sub-Ohm Salt Vape Juice

·Smoother Draws
oExpect smoother draws with sub-ohm salt vape juice. Salt nic is known for its less harsh, smoother draws that it offers in vape juice, which is why vaping nic salts in pod-based devices can use higher nicotine strengths. With sub-ohm salts, you can expect the same smoothness when vaping.

·Stronger Throat Hits
oWhat many people enjoy having using a pod system is the throat hit. It really feels like it’s doing something with each puff, and that is satisfying to many users. Though the draws are smooth, the sensation in your throat, as if you were smoking a real cigarette, remains heavy.

·Less Vape Juice Consumption
oThose who use salt nicotine vape juice in pod systems consume less vape juice for two reasons. Because of the higher nicotine strength and because of the stronger throat hit. That is two levels of satisfaction. When you use sub-ohm salt vape juice, the higher wattages being used with the low 3mg and 6mg salt nic strengths will be enough. The added satisfaction of a beefed-up throat hit may actually cause you to consume less vape juice.

·Stronger Flavor
oThough it hasn’t been factually proven, there are some people that have reported stronger flavor from using sub-ohm salt vape juice as compared to freebase nicotine vape juice. It could be the way that the salt nicotine interacts with the flavor that makes it more vibrant.

·Lower Nicotine Strengths
oSince you would be using a higher wattage, which most sub-ohm vapers do, higher nicotine strengths aren’t required. Sub-ohm vaping is when the resistance is lower than 1.0-ohm. Due to the lower resistance, vapers often crank up the wattage to find a balance or to generate a large vapor output. With the higher wattage, you can use sub-ohm salt vape juice in lower nicotine strengths, yet still, gain the satisfaction you crave.