What is RDL vaping?

You may have heard of MTL and DTL vaping, but have you heard of RDL vaping?
This relatively new style of vaping is growing in popularity, so we’re going to explore what it means and what kind of vapers it is best suited to, to help you choose whether RDL vaping may be a great fit for you.

Restricted direct to lung
RDL, sometimes referred to as RDTL, stands for restricted direct to lung, and is a style of vaping that fits quite nicely between MTL (mouth to lung) and DTL (direct to lung) vaping, bridging the gap between the two.

These terms all refer to the way in which the vapour is inhaled, and different vape kits are designed to suit different vaping styles, so this is something you will need to consider when purchasing your next vape kit.

Restricted direct to lung vaping involves inhaling the vapour directly into your lungs, in the same way you would with DTL vaping, but has a more restricted airflow. This creates a tighter draw, like you would get with MTL vaping, making it a sort of hybrid of the two vaping styles.

By combining the two different vaping styles, RDL vaping allows you to enjoy the flavour and higher vapour production of DTL vaping, while also getting the satisfying throat hit that is associated with MTL vaping.

What is the difference between RDL, MTL, and DTL vaping?
For a long time vapers have only had the choice of MTL or DTL vaping, and while RDL vaping combines elements of both styles, it has certainly become a popular vaping style in its own right, and offers vapers a great middle ground between the two.

To understand the difference between these vaping styles we first need to look at them individually.

What is mouth to lung vaping?
Mouth to lung vaping is the vaping style that most vapers will be most familiar with. This is because it is the style that most closely replicates the way in which you would smoke a cigarette, and so most starter vape kits are MTL vapes.

MTL vaping involves drawing the vapour first into your mouth, holding it there momentarily, and then inhaling it into your lungs. Because the vapour is being held in your mouth and then inhaled into the lungs, it creates more of a throat hit, which many people associate with the feel of smoking.

MTL vape kits will usually have higher resistance coils, low wattage settings, and are best used with 50/50 or high PG e-liquids.

What is direct to lung vaping?
Direct to lung vaping tends to be favoured by more advanced vapers, as it does not feel as similar to smoking and it is usually only intermediate and advanced vape kits that are capable of offering DTL vaping.

This style involves inhaling the vapour directly into your lungs, without holding it in your mouth at all. This creates a smoother feeling draw and a much larger cloud production. DTL vape kits usually have sub-ohm coils, higher wattage settings, and a much wider airflow, and are usually used with high VG e-liquids.

DTL vaping is best done with low nicotine strengths, as high nicotine strengths can feel very uncomfortable when used with a DTL vaping style. This vaping style is characterized by a very airy and cool draw, and is especially enjoyed by cloud chasers.

So, what is the difference?
Ultimately, the main difference between the three is the way in which you inhale the vapour. Each vaping style is better suited to a different type of vaper, depending on the type of vape kit you are using, the type of e-liquid you are using, how experienced you are with vaping, and also you own personal preference.

Which vaping style is right for me?
As we have mentioned, there are a number of factors to consider when identifying which vaping style will suit you best.

Mouth to lung
MTL vaping is best for new vapers, because it feels most similar to smoking cigarettes which is exactly what you need when you are making the switch from smoking to vaping.

It is also fine to use with any nicotine strength, including nic salts, which allows you to choose from the full spectrum of strengths to identify the one that best suits your needs. This is very important, especially when you are new to vaping, as having the right nicotine strength will help you manage your nicotine cravings as you quit smoking and avoid any unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

Most starter kits are MTL devices, whether they are prefilled pod kits like the Elf Bar ELFA pod kit, or refillable vape kits like the Aspire PockeX. However, that doesn’t mean that only new vapers can enjoy mouth to lung vaping. If you prefer to use a high nicotine strength, or just prefer a vape with a tighter airflow, better throat hit, and more discreet vapour production, MTL vaping could be right for you.

Because these devices are lower powered with less vapour production than sub-ohm kits, they tend to use less e-liquid and have a slightly longer battery life than their more powerful counterparts.

Restricted direct to lung
If you have been using a MTL kit but feel that the vapour production is no longer as satisfying, it might to time to consider a RDL vape instead.

RDL vape kits are a newer concept, but they allow you to transition to a different vaping style without having to move on to an advanced vape kit with all the bells and whistles. More and more RDL vapes are hitting the market, such as the Vaporesso XROS 3 pod kit, and they are usually an intermediate style device which allows for more ability to personalise your vaping experience, without being overwhelmed with features.

RDL vape kits are a great way to transition if you are wanting to upgrade your device to something with a bit more power and thicker vapour, as well as more room to personalise your vaping experience, but still enjoy the feel of a more restricted airflow. RDL vape kits may have some form of adjustable airflow, but it will usually be a tighter airflow than DTL devices.

They are commonly a type of pod system, like the new Luxe XR Max pod kit, which can often be used with both 50/50 and high VG e-liquids, depending on the device.

Direct to lung
DTL devices are best for experienced vapers who have comfortably quit smoking and no longer need a vape kit that feels so similar to smoking a cigarette.

Direct to lung devices are usually intermediate to advanced devices, like the VOOPOO Drag X Pro kit, with lots of added features like adjustable airflow which can be opened wide for an extremely cool vape and looser airflow with more vapour, and variable wattage which allows you to adjust the power output of the device.

DTL vaping is ideal if you are looking for a more dense and thicker vapour production, often referred to as cloud chasing, and prefer to vaping with a low nicotine or nicotine free high VG e-liquid.

Because these sub-ohm kits are high powered and produce more vapour than a pod kit or starter kit you may find the battery doesn't last quite as long and that you use a bit more e-liquid.