What is Mouth to Lung Vaping? All You Need to Know Right Here

What is Mouth to Lung Vaping? 
New to vaping? If so then you might be feeling a little bamboozled by all the new jargon you’ve come across since picking up an e-cig! With so many unfamiliar terms awaiting any new vaper, admittedly it can start to feel like you’re learning a whole new language! 

One such phrase that regularly has new vapers scratching their heads is mouth to lung vaping. So what is mouth to lung vaping and how does it differ from other styles like direct to lung? Let’s find out!

Mouth to Lung Vaping Explained
Mouth to lung (MTL) is a style of vaping where you draw the vapour into your mouth before inhaling it into your lungs. This is the most common style of vaping and one that’s especially popular among those who have recently made the transition from smoking due to the tighter, more restricted draw.

Other benefits include longer-lasting e-liquid, better flavour and the potential to vape higher strengths of nicotine – another major plus if you’ve recently quit smoking. Mouth to lung devices also tend to be more user-friendly, which is great if you’re new to vaping as there aren’t as many confusing buttons and settings to contend with!

For each vaping style, there are devices that work well and devices that don’t work so well. The same can also be said for e-liquid and vape coils. When it comes to MTL vaping, the best combination is a plus-ohm device, plus-ohm coils and a high propylene glycol (PG) or 50/50 e-liquid.

The reason for this is plus-ohm devices, with their higher-resistance coils, produce less clouds, which helps maintain the smoothness despite the often stronger liquid. In terms of the e-liquid, high PG or 50/50 is the correct consistency for plus-ohm coils – anything higher in vegetable glycerin (VG) would be too thick which would cause multiple issues with your device’s performance.

Mouth to Lung Vs Direct to Lung 
Behind mouth to lung, the second most common vaping style is direct to lung. As opposed to mouth to lung, with this style of vaping, instead of drawing the vapour to the mouth first, you inhale it straight to the lungs. 

For DTL vaping, ideally you would use a sub-ohm device along with sub-ohm coils and a high VG 70/30 e-liquid. The reason for this is simple: high VG is smoother than High PG or 50/50, which would be too harsh given the massive plumes generated by sub-ohm devices. 

Sub-ohm coils are then used with this type of e-liquid as plus-ohm coils don’t get hot enough to burn the juice properly.

The main difference between mouth to lung and direct to lung vaping is the cloud production and strengths of the liquid. As stated, vaping high strength liquid isn’t recommended with sub-ohm/direct to lung kits due to the large hits you get which would be extremely harsh and provide too much nicotine. 

Mouth to lung vaping produces less vapour, although you’ll usually find the flavour is superior and the feeling more closely mimics smoking a cigarette, which is what many beginners are looking for.

What’s the Best Mouth to Lung Vape Kit?
When it comes to recommending the best mouth to lung kit, to be honest there are so many to choose from that it’s hard to select just one. A lot also depends on what you’re looking for from your vape as what’s great for one person might not be the best for another.

Starter kits are an excellent option if you’re just getting into vaping as they’re easy to use and come with everything you need to get started – hence the name! They’re also cheap and offer a cost-effective way to start your vaping journey. 

If a starter kit sounds like a good fit for you then one of the best on the market is undoubtedly the Innokin Endura T18II. Pocket friendly, durable and with great battery life, the T18II is the ultimate starter kit.

If you’re looking for something a little more advanced than a starter kit then you could try one of the many brilliant pod kits out there. Many pod kits are hybrids which means they accommodate both MTL and DTL vaping, and with their removable tank/coil, these simple, all-in-one devices are designed to make vaping as hassle-free as possible while still providing an unforgettable vaping experience.

As with the starter kits, there are many great pod kits on the market so it’s difficult to say what the best one is. With that said, if we had to pick one we’d probably opt for the VOOPOO Drag X Pro, which is packed full of features and allows multiple styles of vaping including MTL.

So hopefully that answers the “what is mouth to lung vaping?” question. By now you should have a good idea of whether or not this is the style of vaping you’d prefer. If you’re still a little unsure, perhaps the only way to know for certain is to give MTL and DTL a try – then you can get a good feel for the differences between the two. Or for some further information you should find useful, check out our Getting Started Guide which has all the info a beginner could need.