What is Automatic VS Manual E Cig Battery Option

Automatic VS Manual E Cig
What is the Automatic VS Manual E Cig Battery Option?  A choice between these options are only offered on pen style vaping devices.  They describe the mechanism used to fire the E Cig.  This is when the E Cig supplies the power to your atomizer.  The atomizer being the piece that processes the E Liquid flavor into vapor.  Which ever option you choose the end result will be the same.  You will be vaping on an E Cig whether is automatic or manual!

Manual E-Cig:


A Manual E-Cig has at least one button on the base of the battery for firing up the power that is used to produce the vapor.  You use this button by holding it down for the duration of the inhale and then letting go.  This is the most common option found on E-Cig devices.  If there isn’t an Automatic or Manual option listed then the default is usually Manual.  Many see the button as giving more control to the Vaper.

Automatic E-Cig:


An Automatic E-Cig is just that.  It contains no buttons on the base of the battery.  When inhaling off the tip of your atomizer the E-Cig recognizes the movement of air and provides power to the atomizer.  When you stop inhaling the battery automatically shuts itself off.  This option is more commonly found on disposable E-Cigs.  The automatic option might be easier for beginners because a normal cigarette does not have a button.