What is A Vape Tank?

The build and parts of a vape tank can differ from tanks to tank but the general idea is the same.

The tank above is made up of 5 main components.

Mouthpiece (You may also see this referred to as a drip tip)
Top cap/Atomizer tube (Chimney) – These are one machined piece. Although with many sub ohm tanks today the coil acts as the atomizer tube (chimney) and the top cap is a single piece.
Glass tube.
Coil/atomizer head
Tank/atomizer base.

For new vapers it may look like a lot of moving parts but it really is quite simple. The only time you will see your tank in bits will be when cleaning.

The tank will not work without the coil head. The coil head contains a wire coil that is wrapped in cotton (wicking material). When you fill a tank the cotton soaks up the e-liquid.

When you press the fire button on a mod it heats up the wire coil which in turn vaporizes the e-liquid on the cotton. This is what produces the vapour you inhale.