Mechanical vape is a device without any electronics. Its structure is quite simple and consists of a fashion - a case with an inserted or built-in battery, a power source and an atomizer. The latter serves as a vaporizer in a cigarette. When you press the button, the mod directs a certain amount of energy to the atomizer. Thus, the spiral with the wick is heated and the fragrant dressing evaporates. The power of the current supplied depends directly on the battery's energy intensity and the degree of its charge. It is not possible to set this indicator in a mechanical device.

SMOK UK vaping device looks like a tube in which a battery is inserted. If there are several of them, it looks like a cylinder called boxing mod. The button is most often at the bottom of the case.

E-cigarette mech-mod has its advantages and disadvantages. Pros of the device:

The mechanics of fashion are so simple that there is simply nothing to break. And if something is out of order, it can be repaired with tools that are at home.

2.Plenty of choice
The right device can choose for you as a beginner, and an experienced vaper.

3.Current power gives thick steam
This is one of its most important advantages. Vape pod UK can be made even more powerful by connecting a pair of batteries in a parallel way. The power of the current is summed up, allowing you to give out huge clouds of steam. These devices are used in various competitions vapers.

The simplicity of the device allows you to collect it at home if you want to. And batteries separately are cheaper than a full-fledged Vape pod UK.

In addition to a large number of advantages, the mechanics have their downsides:

1.A large number of non-originals
The fur of an e-cigarette by SMOK UK because of its simplicity is often forged by Chinese craftsmen. Therefore, a beginner can easily buy a low-quality and even dangerous model. Original mechanical systems often cost a lot.

2.Charge speed
The voltage is fed directly to the battery, so the battery charges quickly but unevenly. In addition, if you do not feed it for a long time, there is a chance of reducing the total battery power.

3.Untuned power
Only serviced atomizers are suitable for mechanics. That's because the unregulated force of the current can set fire to the winding, which will have to be changed frequently.

The sturdiness of vaporisers depends on the material. Different raw materials have advantages and disadvantages:

1.Stainless steel
The mods of this material are simply served, as they do not need to be polished and cleaned regularly. The stainless steel does not change its colour, does not sweat, but worse misses the tension.

This material is better at skipping current, but requires regular cleaning. That's because the alloy can oxidize, fade.

The best material for powerful Vape pod UK. It perfectly misses the tension, has an original colour. But requires care, as well as the previous version.