Buying a Vape Introduction
When it comes to methods of vaporization, the varieties available to the general public are as diverse as the people who purchase them! Not one vape is exactly like another when it comes to all the brands out there. Whether someone chooses to go for a vape pen, box mod, desktop vape, dab rig, or a combination vaporizer, what you ultimately end up with will come down to your own personal wants & tastes. What is good for one person may not be that good for another, which is why it is crucial to know what you want so that you end up with the type of vaporizer that you actually need. In this article we will be taking a look at essential vape features and pass along some good vape recommendations.

Vapes with Different Temperature Settings
There are some pretty good vapes out there that feature preset heating options that are tailored to specific materials, such as wax & oils. Others feature a more free-range option which allows the user to gain full control over the heating temperatures, which creates a much more tailored experience. These are reserved mainly for those who are a bit more advanced with their vape knowledge or those just wanting more control in their vape sessions. While vapes that allow for precision control are primarily dominant in units made for dry herb or wax vapes, there are other models out there that come with preset heating options as well. It all depends on what it is you really want as there are many different options to choose from.

Vapes with Good Battery Life
The main metric to look out for when it comes to powering a vape is mAh. The higher the mAh, the more power it has which is ideal for those looking for a unit they can carry with them all day long. However, some vapes take up more power than others. Take dry herb vape for example, which can use up much more power on a single charge due to variable temperature settings, heat up times, etc., whereas a wax or oil vape that comes with preset heating options can instantaneously provide a hit either with an automatic draw, or with just the push of a button. You want to make sure you get a vape that will suit your individual needs when it comes to power.

Vapes with Indicators & Display Screens
Having a display screen on the vape is not only convenient, but it is also practical as well. Knowing how much battery life you have left, what temperature setting you have, and how much or how long you have been vaping in a session is all good information to have, though if you find that your vape does not come with all these fancy features, rest assured that you still have a very good vape! Not everyone needs a weather vane to tell which way the wind blows, so if you have a vape with just the essentials of heating up and having a simple indicator to tell you when it is time to charge the battery, then that is good enough!

Vapes That are Easy to Use
While there are some truly sophisticated pieces of high tech vapes out there that are some of the most impressive devices ever conceived by modern standards, the truth is that instead of making your vape experience more streamlined & easy, some can lengthen the time it takes to actually get down to vaping which creates a rather complicated process. Take apps that are designed to complement certain vapes on the market for example. While the concept seems pretty stellar, the reality can be much more cumbersome than it is worth for some users who just want the simplicity of turning on the vape, and using it, instead of recording all their sessions. The easiest vapes to use are ones that have no app and straight-forward to use!

Vapes with a Good Source of Replacement Parts
One of the most important aspects to consider when it comes to choosing the right kind of vape is one that is made by a reputable company that has a great customer base which boasts the ease of availability in replacement parts & service. There are many vapes on the market with intricate and otherwise complicated mechanisms which make replacement tedious, while others do not even have replacement parts at all! Bottomline, if you are in the market for a new vape, just keep replacement parts in mind – if needed, make sure they are available and will be available in the future.

Good Ol’ Portable Vapes
The two main types of vapes are going to be either desktop or portable vapes. Neither one is inherently better than the other, since they both provide their own unique purposes to those looking for specific methods. Some people prefer the privacy of their own home, while others choose the luxury of being able to take their vapes with them wherever they go. The main difference other than portability is the fact that most portable vapes are the popular choice among vape enthusiasts due to their simplicity & affordability. Portable vapes are also easier to use since some are either draw activated or just turn on & go with the push of a button.  Ultimately, these are both great vaporizers to own, however, the type you go with is up to you, and only you.