New vapers likely have experienced the unfortunate dry hit. In simple words, Dry hits occur when you vape with a mod that contains little to no e-liquid. You may develop the problem of dry hits if your juice runs out before you notice, as well as if you have wicking or airflow issues. The result is a nasty taste in your mouth and sometimes throat irritation when a dry hit occurs. 

Typically, a dry hit can be caused by insufficient wicking of your e-liquid, or the vape juice being burned on the coil too quickly. The back of your throat is then blasted with unpleasant heat.

Following are some tips that can help you in avoiding burnt vape taste:

Saturate your coils at all times
Making sure that your vape coils are saturated with vape juice is the first and most important step. Dry hits are caused by an unsaturated coil by a wide margin.

Adding your e-liquid may not be as simple as waiting a few minutes. When you feel that dry hit looming on the horizon, make sure you have the right coils for your device.

You might also consider a bottom-coil device tank if you're used to a top-coil setup. The bottom coil will almost always be saturated.

It's possible that you vape too often
Vaping too frequently increases the likelihood of dry hits since the coil dries out and overheats. You may want to adjust your vaping habits if this occurs frequently for you.

Make sure you are aware of when you are vaping and how much you're doing. Alternatively, you can use a lower-strength e-liquid if you don't want to change how often you vape.

Additionally, your device might not be suited to your vape habits.

Updating your vaping device may be a good idea
Having dry hits with an old e-cigarette may indicate that it's time to toss it. While it can seem a bit confusing with so many different options out there, don't hesitate to ask someone for assistance. By doing this, you also get the opportunity to experiment and try out different devices and flavors. You may end up having a better vaping experience than what you had in the past. 

There are many devices that allow you to change the temperature and voltage, which may help to reduce the likelihood of dry hits. A change of vape juice could also be considered.

Experiment and explore without fear! It's worth it if there is less worry about dry hits!

Adjust your vape juice VG/PG Ratio 
Two of the main ingredients in e-liquid are Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG). While VG produces more vape, it is thicker and reportedly smoother than PG, whereas PG is stronger and more flavorful.

The coil may not become saturated as fast as it would with PG since VG is thicker. This may be the cause of your dry hit. If you vape a lot, this can also be compounded.

So, why not just switch to PG if you're getting dry hits with a high VG ratio? Your search for the right solution may be over.

These tips can lead to avoidance of dry hits. Start with one and then move on to the other. We hope that these recommendations will be all you need to prevent your throat from being drier. Say goodbye to the obscene heat that may be blasted in your throat due to dry hits and say hello to a smoother and better vaping experience!

We wish you good luck!