Whether you consider yourself a dry herb enthusiast or have just begun your journey, convection vapes are worth your consideration. Convection vapes offer a vaping experience like no other in terms of flavor, consistency, and luxuriousness. That said, they tend to command higher prices, making them less friendly to beginners. Let us take a closer look at convection vapes and explore what makes them so great.

What is a convection vape?
Convection vapes are the some of the hottest vaporizers on the market today and have grown massively in popularity with the release of various vape models. So, what do they do? Rather than provide direct heat your herbs, convection vapes utilize hot air that indirectly heats your dry herbs, i.e. baking them. You can find convection vapes in a range of sizes, designs, and features. Some models are fancier than others and offer things like Bluetooth control. Price points also tend to differ depending on the vape in question and what benefits it possesses.

What is the best convection vape?
First and foremost, it is important to remember that the concept of a ‘best’ vape is not existent. Choosing a convection vaporizer is purely subjective and will depend on your own taste and goals. The most important question to ask yourself is, “what do I want most out of my convection vape?” Perhaps you enjoy controlling every aspect of your vaping experience or you are looking for something super straight forward with little tinkering involved. Either way, we recommend you decide upon a convection vape that best fits your own personal preferences. What one person enjoys may not be the case for someone else and vice versa.

Common Features
All convection vapes, regardless of whether they are for dry herbs, wax, or oils, have common features that can be found across tons of models.

1. Robust Features – Most convection vapes have a feature of some kind, from variable temperature control to Bluetooth to OLED displays. The number of features and level of sophistication will depend on the model of vaporizer. Generally, convection vapes at higher price points will have rapid heating times, borosilicate glass pathways, and more.

2. Portability – With the exception of desktop vaporizers that utilize convection, these vaporizers have been designed with portability in mind. Of course, the level or portability will depend on the size of the unit. There are slimmer convection vapes that easily slide in a pocket. Conversely, you can find slightly larger convection vapes that may not be as suitable for pockets but fit great in a small bag.

3. Tailoring the Experience – A great deal of convection vaporizers allow for full customization of the vaping experience to tailor every aspect to suit your taste. For example, single degree temperature control allows you to be incredibly precise with the temp in which you vape your dry herbs. You will also find convection vapes that allow you to cycle through temperature pre-sets instead of changing temperature by single degrees.

4. Battery Life – One fact about convection heating is the fact that it takes a fair amount of battery power. You will find that a large majority of these vapes are backed with robust battery power to reach your desired temperatures. While there are plenty of smaller convection vapes, the battery power within them will be more than enough to vaporize your favorite materials and allow you to enjoy them on the go in sessions throughout the day.

Can I use convection with oils and waxes?
It is important to note that convection vapes are 99.9% of the time used with dry herbs. While you can find vaporizers with optional attachments to accommodate oils or wax, it is not the norm nor will you be maximizing the benefits of convection technology. Thus, if you are interested in materials besides dry herbs, we recommend you consider trying a vaporizer that utilizes other heating methods than convection.

Benefits of convection vapes
Convection vapes offer users an unparalleled vaping experience with their cooling airflows, customizable controls, and mind-blowing flavors. If you are interested in experiencing some of the best vaping technology out there, you will definitely want to consider convection vaping. While conduction and combustion heating technologies perfectly get the job done, they cannot offer the same luxuriousness that goes hand in hand with convection vaping.

Downsides of Convection Vapes
While you can find plenty of entry-level convection vapes, you will be hard pressed to match the lower prices found with combustion and conduction vapes that are simplistic in design and super straightforward. For novices, the higher price points associated with convection vapes may be a bit intimidating. Also, convection vapes require a greater pre-heating time in comparison to combustion which applies direct heat to burn your herb.

In this article we have discussed convection vapes, their common features, benefits, and downsides. If you are wanting to take your vaping experience to the next level and take advantage of the newest technologies out there, look no further. Convection vapes loaded with features such as sub 10 second heating times, Bluetooth, and single digit temperature control will be a bigger investment in comparison to a more simplistic unit. At the end of the day, it is up to you to choose a vaporizer that fit your needs best.