What does the colour of your e cig say about you?

There’s much to consider when choosing your e cig. Your primary concerns will probably be price, ease of use and functionality. But with most devices being available in more than one shade, what does your colour choice say about you?

Many people have devoted a great deal of time to studying colour, how we perceive it and the messages the various colours communicate.

None other than Aristotle developed the first known theory of colour. He believed that colours were sent from the gods and were evolved from lightness and darkness. He proffered that all colours were related to the four elements – water, air earth and fire. Aristotle’s beliefs were widely held for more than 2,000 years until Isaac Newton came along. Newton found that light was the source of the colours we see and that there are seven colours in the visual spectrum.

These days research into colour spans numerous scientific and artistic fields including colour psychology. This attempts to characterise the effects of colour on human actions and emotions. Hence the burning question that we are asking here.

According to experts in colour theory, here’s what the colour of your e cig might suggest about your personality:

If you favour black hardware, the experts say that you are intuitive and like to be in control. You are conventional, private, articulate and sometimes a little dramatic. Others may perceive you to be serious, but you feel that it is important to get things right. You can speak with authority but often keep your opinions to yourself. You like to exude an air of mystery as this helps to conceal your insecurities.

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All shades of grey suggest that you are a reliable sort who likes to keep the peace. You may be a little cautious and you are great at finding compromises. You are a composed individual that others perceive as polished and diplomatic. People trust you and like your tendency to keep yourself to yourself. You are trustworthy, stable, fair and objective.

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Ravishing red is the colour of assertiveness, impulsiveness and optimism. If red is your preferred colour when choosing your e cigs, you are a passionate person with plenty of energy and everyone knows about it when you enter a room. You are prone to saying exactly what you think, you are a leader, and your enthusiasm tends to be infectious.

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Have you chosen a blue vape? If so, you are allegedly an introspective and sensitive person that greatly values your friends. You won’t let anyone take advantage of you and you are a trustworthy soul with an impressive memory for names. People find you to be warm and interesting and you take pleasure from helping others. You like blue but are not given to the blues.

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Yes, there are pink e cigs and if you fancy owning one, you are an easy going and approachable character that sees the positives in every situation. You are clever and witty. Better still, you tend to sparkle in social situations. But you crave harmony, and you are compassionate. Your friendships tend to be long-lasting and your relationship with your vaping hardware would certainly be improved by a generous helping of pink.

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Ok, I need to point out that orange vape kits are in relatively short supply, but they are available. If you have chosen one or would love to own one, you are undoubtedly a party animal that lives in the moment. You are an inspiring individual and a problem solver that tends to be impulsive. You never fold under pressure, and you take all of life’s hits in your stride. You might have to, if you are looking for orange vaping hardware!

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If purple is your preferred shade, you are witty and observant. You have impressive intuition, and you boast oodles of charisma. Other people might see you as visionary and you certainly take pride in being unique. You don’t care about fitting in because you relish standing out from the crowd. Your e cig will also stand out if it’s purple and there are several to choose from.

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Lovers of green are honest, straightforward and ethical. Does that sound like you? It is likely that you cherish nature and that you are good at delegating. You are skilled at assessing the big picture rather than festering about small details and those around you appreciate your clarity. Environmental issues concern you and your time management is excellent.

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If yellow is your favourite colour, you could be a shy person but one that is a reliable friend. You can be impulsive, and you are an optimist. Unfortunately, your optimism could be misplaced if you are looking for a yellow vape as they are rare. It is likely that you prefer to socialise with small groups of close friends rather than with larger, less connected groups. You are imaginative and may be viewed as intellectual.

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What if you don’t have a favourite colour?
If you don’t have a favourite colour, you are not alone. Many people are in your situation, one that can make life easier or lead to chronic indecisiveness.

You are in the fortunate position of being able to choose any device without the risk of it offending your sense of style.

Why not make a statement with a rainbow e cig, a patterned device or something resplendent in gold? You can choose an e cig in almost any colour, except yellow, as it turns out!

Alternatively, invest in several devices, each finished in a different colour. You will then always benefit from a device that complements the way you feel.