Vape Pens and What You Put in Them
Vaping has taken the world by storm and knowing what goes into any specific vape is part of the process. Some are made to vape only specific material such as oil or dry herbs, while others are actually made to be able to combine & switch out coils & chambers to allow for multipurpose usage. You want to make sure you have the right vape for the job, as putting certain materials into a vape made for something else could permanently damage it. Here we can take a look at some of these vapes and what makes them unique.

Putting Wax in Vape Pens
Unless you are using a traditional dab rig that can accommodate certain features such as a nectar collector, most wax vape pens on the market are made specifically for wax only. Utilizing certain coils to heat certain material up the way it is meant to be heated, and putting in the wrong type of material can damage the coil. Some wax vapes come with either preset heating options, or customizable heating controls that allows users to dial in specific numbers for a truly tailored experience. There are so many wax pens to choose from and being as how wax vape pens are so portable; they are truly the most popular choice for vape enthusiasts around the globe!

Putting Oil in Vape Pens
These vape pens are made specifically for oil concentrates and you will often find many of the cartridges that go with these vape pens prefilled as well. You can technically use an oil vape pen to vaporize your favorite flavored e-juices too! This makes them quite versatile as a vape pen, and also one of the most popular choices for vape enthusiasts. Oil vape pens usually feature preset heating options and can even be draw activated instead of needing a button to push. This makes them one of the most convenient pens to own as a truly user-friendly device.

Packing Dry Herb in Vape Pens
Convection style vapes are the most popular when it comes to dry herb vaporizers. These vapes are typically much larger and are less of a pen shape compared to others on the market. Nonetheless these are still considered vape pens and are also portable and usually feature the option of having full control over your temperature settings. This type of experience over a vape session is highly popular for those looking to start out on the vaping scene, and those looking to maximize flavor over anything else. Dry herb vape pens remain one of the most popular methods of vaping, though these types of pens usually require more power.

CBD now in Vape Pens
There is also oil vape pens out there that appeal specifically to the medical market of vaporization. CBD oil is the world’s most trending vape modality right now, so it is no surprise to see it featured as the staple of many brands & vape models. Although these vape pens are intended to be used specifically with CBD oils, it is also common to use with any other oil concentrate or flavored e-juice on the market. One will usually find prefilled cartridges to go with CBD vape pens, though some are also refillable which makes them truly resourceful. These vape pens are a favorite for medical patients who understand the medicinal qualities of CBD.

E-Liquid Vape Pens AKA E-Juice Vape Pens
E-liquid pens are equipped with some heavy-duty heating coils which are ideally suited for the more thick consistencies of e-juice. This makes them well suited for handling other materials such as CBD oil and other oil concentrates. Like the standard oil vape pens on the market, e-liquid pens are made for being versatile enough to vape your favorite oils & e-juices. Most e-liquid vape pens are also equipped with an auto draw feature and are preset to vape at a certain temperature to ensure consistency. E-liquid vape pens are quite popular as an alternative to smoking and are great for those looking to break the habit.

Disposable Vape Pens
These vape pens are not meant to be charged, nor are they meant to be refilled. Most of these already come prefilled with either oil, e-juice, wax, or dry herbs and are ready to be vaped. Once the battery has run dry and the material has been used up, the pen is easily discarded, and another one can be purchased. These are ideal for those who do not wish to carry such things with them for very long and are also popular with those who wish to not have to worry about their vape pens getting lost or stolen afterwards.

Pack Anything into a 3-in-1 Vape Pen
The most versatile and convenient of the bunch, 3 in 1 vape pens are excellent at providing the user with more than one option for their vaporization needs. Being able to quickly switch out coils & chambers makes these a truly valuable vape pen to own. Capable of vaping dry herbs, oils, e-juices, and wax, 3 in 1 vape pens are ultimately determined by their coils when it comes to vaping any one of these materials. Simply switching out coils or chambers converts the vape into the perfect device that can accommodate different styles & users. Perfect for the vape enthusiast who wants to get the most out of the entire vaping experience!