What Are Vape Drip Tips? (Psst… We’re Revealing The Best Ones You’ll Want to Use Right Here)

Are you new to vaping?

Then, chances are you have no idea what a vape drip tip is…

And even if you’re a vape veteran, you’re probably not giving them much thought, right?

I mean, it’s that small fiddly bit that goes at the top of your vape pen. It serves a purpose. Why should you lose any sleep over it?


Vape drip tips can have an outsized effect on the quality of your vape sessions. 

That’s why you should care about them.

After you’ve tweaked just about everything to get that perfect vape, it’s time to look at your drip tip… cause it could make all the difference in the world.

Wanna learn more about them?

Let’s dig in.

What is a Vape Drip Tip?
A vape drip tip is the topmost part of your vape pen (or vape mod).

It’s the part your lips make sweet love to when you vape. (What? It is!)

And it’s an essential element of your vape. The drip tip guides the vapor from the tank and into your mouth, and it can affect how cool/hot that vapor is; the flavor of the vapor; the amount of vapor, and more.

Here’s how vape drips look like:


There’s a whole bunch of different ones on there… and we’ll explore the most popular ones here.

What Are the Different Types of Vape Drip Tips?
Oooof… there’s so many to choose from!
Don’t get overwhelmed because I’ll clear it up for you right here.
When looking at different types of vape drip tips, the main differences you will come across are size and material. Although the shapes and materials vary, there are only a few base drip tip sizes / types that you need to know. With that in mind, here is a general idea of what you might find when shopping for a drip tip.
510 Drip Tips — The Most Popular Ones Out There
The 510 is one of the oldest and most popular vape drip tip sizes. It’s often referred to as a half-tail, and it comes in several different types.
510 tips are compatible with most vapes on the market and can be used with vape mods and more. They are also ideal for beginners, as the 510 models are generally known for producing better flavor (as the vapor is more concentrated).
For small consumption users, this is also an ideal option. However, it is also important to note that this tip size often produces a bit more heat. So keep that in mind and use caution with this type of drip tip.
810 Drip Tips — A Bit Rarer (But Still Popular)
The 810 drip tips are pretty much precisely the same as the 510 drip tips. The only difference is the size. 810 drip tips just have a larger bore size. You still have all the same color options and material options as you do with the 510.
Vape Drip Tip Material Types
Metal Drip Tips
Metal drip tips are usually longer and wider in diameter. They typically range in size anywhere from 17mm to up to 30mm. The metal tip gives you the ability to go in for a deeper draw on the coil and maximize the draw length. This is one of the advantages of using this type of tip.
However, you are limited by the lack of clarity on the metal drip tip. The vaper is bound to get more burn on the vape and drip more juice. This isn’t an issue when you’re using a clearomizer, but if you’re vaping at the same time as you’re smoking, you’ll notice this. 
·lots of options and designs
·good flavor
·look snazzy
·very durable 
·can get really hot
·a bit more expensive
Silicone Drip Tips 
Silicone drip tips are slightly narrower than metal drip tips. As a result, they are not as long and cannot be as deep. Since they are made of silicone, they are less fragile than other types of drip tips.
·easy to clean
·lots of options & designs
·don’t get too hot
·can result in altered flavor
·can get damaged by some flavors
·not easy to dispose of
Glass Drip Tips
Glass drip tips give out better flavor and are usually easier to clean (depending on which one you choose). One downside to glass drip tips is that they are fragile, and the glass can break easily if bumped or dropped. 
·looks pretty
·good flavor
·don’t get too hot
·easily damaged
·not very affordable
Plastic Drip tips
These drip tips are very inexpensive and are often made from different types of plastic. Most of this plastic is food-grade, but make sure to double-check that when buying (cause there are some shitty sellers out there).
·plenty to choose from
·easy to clean and maintain
·can potentially get hot
·not easy to dispose of
·can mess with flavor
Wood Drip Tips
Wood drip tips are sometimes referred to as “cones.” They are often handmade, and ideal for those who want to truly enjoy the flavors.
·Great for flavor
·can be expensive
·not easy to find
·not a lot of designs
·can get hot
Other Drip Tips 
Other tips such as the flat tip and the high-efficiency tip can be used if you start with a great e-juice or make your vape juices. They can also be used if you want to have a little more control. 
So, Which Type of Vape Drip Tip is Best for You?
As you can see from this article, there are pros and cons to each type of drip tip, and there are many different options out there to choose from! I recommend narrowing the possibilities down to a few and giving a couple of different ones a try. See which ones you like best!.
If you’re a beginner, potentially start with something like the acrylic/plastic drip tip or the silicone drip tips. If you’re looking for great flavor, wooden or glass drip tip options may be best for you. 
The most common types of drip tips are glass or metal. And overall, I recommend going for flexible material and won’t break if you shake your vape pen (this is a risk if you choose glass). 
Lastly, you must select a drip tip that will fit your vaporizer. So if in doubt, take your vape to your local smoke shop to make sure the drip tip you are purchasing will work well with your device and fit your needs.
Vape Drip Tip Maintenance and Cleaning
Every type of drip tip has at least one drawback, and all need routine cleaning to keep them in tip-top shape! 
First, let’s talk about cleaning the top. You can do this either by throwing it away and getting a new one (which sometimes is necessary but can be costly to replace) or scraping it clean with a metal spatula. Scraping it off to clean might help stop further damage from being done. So it is essential to do this frequently, as sometimes a thin layer of resin or other vaporized debris collects around the drip tip. 
If scraping with a metal spatula doesn’t get everything off and you still feel your device may be dirty, consider using a couple of cotton pieces or a steel wire brush to clean any excess debris further off. 
I recommend cleaning your vape and the vape drip tip as frequently as possible. Not only will it help prolong the life of your vape and vape parts, but it is also better for your health to use a clean device. 
Vape Drip Tips Are Important – Treat Them Like That
The quickest way to get a feel for vape tip drips is to give one a try.
 I recommend you try a few and see which one is most appealing to you. If you don’t know what you’re doing, stick to drip tips with a medium or small tip. 
Choose a smaller, metal drip tip if:
·you want cleaner flavor
·if vapor production is no a concern
·if you want a durable option
Choose wider drip tips if:
·vapor production is what you’re going for
·you’re using D2L vaping
Choose glass drip tip if:
·if you’re interested in clean, crisp flavors
·you’re not clumsy (& you won’t break them)
That’s all I’ve got for you regarding drip tips today. If you want to chime in with your favorite drip tip choices, hop down to the comments section and let us all know!