What Are the Rules of Vaping and E-Cigarette Etiquette?

As of 2020, there are 2.8 million users of e-cigarettes, vapes, and other similar devices in the UK. Vaping as a hobby has experienced explosive growth in the last few years, and these numbers are only growing. The beauty in the hobby is that the stigma is beginning to fall apart, especially since Public Health England’s recent report about how the risks associated with vaping are unfounded. 

There are, however, a few concerns when it comes to vaping etiquette. Even though it might be different from smoking, it is still important to consider a few things when using your device in public. Vaping is relatively new and doesn’t have well-known guidelines in the way that smoking does. As such, we have created this guide to ensure you and everyone around you is comfortable with your vaping.

What is acceptable vaping behaviour?
Many establishments have designated spaces and rules for smokers; in many cases, vapers are expected to follow these rules. After all, puffing out huge clouds of smoke during your meal might disturb other patrons and guests. Your e-liquids might smell fragrant, but it is not a scent or experience other people might have expected. 

Let it be so with the spaces you occupy. If you are in an unfamiliar company, make sure to ask if your companions are alright with you vaping beforehand. Do not assume that they will welcome the smell and the clouds even if you are outside. This might give a negative impression of you as someone who is impolite or inconsiderate.

Where should I vape?
As a good rule of thumb, avoid vaping in closed and confined spaces. Your cloud is likely to have difficulty dispersing in such areas. Those sharing the space with you might have no choice but to inhale your vaping cloud. While secondhand clouds have no proven negative effects as of yet, it should still be the choice of those around you whether they want to experience this. 

Your home, however, is an exception. Feel free to vape to your heart’s content in your flat, house, or room. The beauty of e-liquids is that the clouds do not stain or leave awful smells in the home, unlike smoking. 

If you do find yourself needing to vape, do so outside and away from people—especially children. Your vapour can effortlessly dissipate into the air this way. 

Do not vape and drive
Your vehicle is your own, but the clouds that come from vaping devices and e-cigarettes is different from smoke. In enclosed spaces, it takes longer to dissipate. This might reduce visibility in your vehicle, which is a recipe for accidents and injuries. Not only that, but studies have shown that doing other activities while driving can severely hamper your ability to drive safely.   

Final thoughts
Vaping might be relatively new, but the rules of etiquette are clear. All you need to remember is that everyone around you must feel as comfortable as possible in your presence; this means interacting with them only in the ways that they consent to and in a fair manner. In vaping, that simply means allowing them the option to breathe the air they want.