What Are The Biggest Brands In Vaping?

Well, if you’ve ever had a snoop around some online retailers, chances are you’ve seen that there’s a huge number of vape brands out there that sell hardware, liquid and disposables. We thought it would be good to give you a condensed breakdown of the most reputable vape brands for your edification so you can get an understanding of what these brands specialize in, and what sort of brands you should consider when making your next purchase. 

So, let’s get right to it.

Aspire is one of the biggest names in the vape industry that was established in 2013. They have an extensive line of premium hardware that focuses on innovation for a better future for all. Typically, this brand specializes in reliable, flexible, and attractive pod kits, but they also have an abundance of product lines which are sure to appeal to all vapers…

It’s a top vape brand that has a huge following for good reason. They have a well-earned reputation for being reliable, and dependable for those who aspire for more out of their vape experience. Well worth a try for those looking for something long-lasting that only uses the most groundbreaking tech!

ELFBAR accounts for a huge chunk of the vaping industry, so much so that it’s officially become a household name. The ELFBAR brand is widely recognizable to global consumers for its compact and ergonomic designs that have become mega-popular over the past few years. Primarily the brand is known for its disposable vape devices, like the ELFBAR 600, but recently they’ve branched out into liquids and refillable pod vape kits so consumers can consume all their favourite ELF BAR nicotine salt flavours at a more cost-efficient price. It’s a popular vape brand of the first water, and it deserves all the commendation for helping ease people into the vaping industry by delivering top-quality flavours for consumers looking for a tight-draw inhale. 

Lost Mary is another brand that’s established itself as a trusted manufacturer that’s constantly looking forward. The brand is well known for its innovative disposable devices that have a rich range of flavours that are loved by all. It’s a staple of the industry that’s an easy go-to for so many people who are new to vaping and will continue to grow over time. We’re always excited to see what they’ve got round the corner.

SKE took the vaping world by storm when they released their super-popular Crystal Bar Disposable Device, which successfully established their reputable position across the globe. They’ve now expanded their product range and have branched into the pod and liquid market. All the contents of their goods are crystal clear so they’re really trustworthy and they have a massive range of flavours and re-useable pod system kits that garner love from resellers and vapers alike. Their range of products is also constantly expanding and we anticipate they’re going to be a brand that’ll grow in perpetuity.

Innokin is one of the vaping world’s leading hardware manufacturers. Innokin really stands out from the crowd by offering some truly groundbreaking, durable hardware that's sure to keep people coming back. They are easily one of the most popular brands for long-time vapers and have a reputation for impeccable customer service too! Their hardware is always top-notch, and their supporters always swear by them.

Geek Vape is a brand that prioritizes modernization. The vape device brand is well known for its ability to tailor goods that deliver a consistently high-tier user experience for those looking for reliable hardware. The company currently serves more than 40 million customers worldwide and has a reputation for modernization. Not just for all the vape geeks out there!

SMOK specializes in research, development, production, and sales of e-cigarettes, covering all the bases for a better future for the industry. SMOK focuses on new e-cigarette technology development, and with this continuous improvement, SMOK vape pen starter kits have attracted a massive consumer base worldwide, making them a first-class brand in the vape industry. The SMOK community has a huge support base that’s always looking to switch things up, and we’re proud to work in partnership with this decidedly groundbreaking brand. 

VooPoo is another leading manufacturer that has widespread influence across the entire vaping industry. The company has a focus on becoming the most consistent producer of high-quality tech that breaks through what's currently known in the industry. The hardware they produce will always deliver a consistently versatile vape and we’re always receiving great testimonials about their goods. It’s a well-known brand that’s well-circulated and distinguishably well-made.

Lost Vape is an established brand that manufacturers cutting-edge tech that's unique and features designs that are crafted functionality, beauty, and ease of use in mind. Their devices are long-lasting, and stylish enough that consumers can take them anywhere. 

Finally, UWELL is an innovative brand at the frontier of the vaping industry that’s focused on consumer satisfaction. The name of the company is even derived from the colloquial term - you well? The company is eager to constantly expand domestic and overseas channels to grow its consumer base and deliver the sort of cutting-edge tech to users who are looking to build a better quality of life with unique products.

We hope you've gotten a firm idea about the kinds of vape hardware brands that are out there.