What Are the Best Vape Kits for Heavy Smokers?

Many former smokers turn to vaping as a safer way to get the nicotine they crave. The number of devices out there can be overwhelming. Should you try a vape pen or a vape stick? Should you use a disposable? What are the best JUUL alterntives?

Here are the best vape kits for a former heavy smoker. They deliver the power, flavor and full-throated experience that will make you forget about smoking. The enjoyment you get from one of these devices makes it easy to quit cigarettes. You’ll look forward to your smoking alternative.

What Are the Best Vape Kits for Former Smokers?
We recommend starting with a true vape kit. Most heavy smokers who made the switch to pens or e-cigarettes found these small, low-power devices didn’t cut it. If you were a heavy smoker or one who enjoyed cigarettes with high nicotine levels, these devices won’t satisfy you.
A vape pen or e-cigarette might work for an occasional smoker or someone who used low-nicotine, light cigarettes, but heavy smokers need more. If you don’t get an acceptable substitute for smoking, you’re likely to go back to cigarettes.
That’s why we recommend full-sized, fully powered vape kits.

Vaporesso Gen S 220W

This next generation device uses Vaporesso’s patented cell technology and the push-to-fill technology that is a Vaporesso feature. Vaporesso devices are famous for their flavor production, but the Vaporesso Gen S takes it a step further with MESHED coils, variable wattage and MESHED technology.
With the Gen S, you can vape your preferred way. An advanced AXON chip gives this device versatility. You can hit pulse mode, which gives you a slight, controlled vape hit every .02 seconds. This creates a subtle but steady vape experience. Choose Smart TC for automatic temperature control. Select manual operation to set things up the way you like best.
The best part about the Gen S is its ease of use. Even a first-time vaper can start using it without difficulty. Vaporesso’s simplified design and straightforward instructions ease the way.
The Gen S works with every Vaporesso GT coil. You can create a custom vaping experience that ensures the right blend of smooth clouds, full flavor and satisfaction in every pull.
The Gen S is solid and well-built. All the same, it’s light enough to carry with you if you want portable power4. It has an OLED screen that shows the wattage level and charging status.
·NRG-S Tank with upgraded MESHED coil.
·User-friendly system makes it easy to get started.
·Consistent flavor delivery.
·Dense cloud production.
·Variable 5 to 220 wattage.
·8 ml/2 ml tank capacity.
·12 fashionable colors.

Vaporesso Tailored Beast Luxe S

Take a walk on the wild side with this great-looking device. It features a  2" display embedded into a sleek edge-to-edge screen with a unique design. You'll be thrilled every time you pick it up. The Vaporesso Luxe S uses OMNI Board 4.2 chipset technology to deliver an incredible variety of settings and custom features.
Everything about the Tailored Beast stands out. Start with the Insta-fire feature that lets it light up immediately for instant vapor production. The battery charges at record speed. In just over an hour, your battery will last for a full day of vaping. It also has the widest possible resistance settings in the industry, including Superplayer mode.
The SKRR-S tank is another standout. It comes with Vaporesso's Quadflow, which keeps cold drafts out of your tank so you get warm, dense clouds and pure flavor every single time. Breakthrough technology makes the tank work without popping, crackling or spitting back.
It works with Vaporesso's meshed and strip coils to bring you unmatched smoothness and flavor. Reviewers have raved about the gorgeous display, hefty weight and ease of use.
·Sleek, edge-to-edge TFT color screen.
·Concentrated airflow for intense flavor.
·Touch capacity buttons.
·Menu and screen locks.
·Variable 5 to 220 wattage.
·8 ml/2 ml tank capacity.
·Available in nine striking color options.

Vaporesso Revenger X

Vaporesso's beloved classic is new and even fiercer in the X edition. Vaporesso revolutionized the use of IML liquid crystal for this device's display. It's a great choice for first-time vapers who want an uncomplicated interface that's easy and intuitive.
If you want sleek simplicity, the Revenger X answers the call with a clean design, backlit display and responsive buttons. An OMNI 2.2 chipset gives it all the power and functionality of more complicated devices.
The Revenger features an 8-tier vibration system that lets you customize the level of vibration you feel when you vape. A straightforward menu with one-touch navigation means even beginners can start vaping immediately. Switch easily between modes.
The NRG tank features slide-to-fill technology and hours of dense, flavorful clouds. Adjustable airflow gives you an amazing, flavorful vape time after time. You can count on no popping, no leaking and no spitback. Solid, tight design and a smaller size make the Revenger X perfect to take on the road.
·NRG tank.
·Works with all Vaporesso GT coils.
·0.96-inch OLED display.
·Variable airflow.
·Variable 5 to 220 wattage.
·5 ml/2 ml tank capacity.
·Five stylish colors.

What E-Liquid Should a Former Smoker Use?
You've picked your vape kit. Your next step is selecting the right e-juice.
Most former smokers begin with nicotine-flavored e-liquids to mimic the experience of smoking. Fortunately, there are many excellent tobacco-flavored e-liquids available. You can select pure tobacco, menthol or tobacco blended with flavors like vanilla, cream or nuts.
You can select your nicotine levels. As a former heavy smoker, you should probably choose a nicotine level of 16mg, 18mg or 24mg.
Once you get used to vaping, you may want to experiment with flavored vape juice. The flavor variety will amaze you. You can even make your own based on these popular e juice recipes.

Make the Switch From Smoking
With a powerful new vape kit, you'll find it easy to make the switch from smoking. Start enjoying the pleasures of dense, fully flavored clouds.