What Are Synthetic and Non-Tobacco E-Liquids?
Throughout vaping’s incredible rise in popularity there have been many truly game-changing inventions and innovations. The latest technology that has seen a meteoric ascent is synthetic / non-tobacco e-liquids. So what are non-tobacco nicotine (aka NTN) e-liquids? Well to explain, we first have to analyze traditional nicotine as well as the composition of vape juice. 

Breaking it Down? Nicotine and E-Liquids Explained 
So what is nicotine? Nicotine is an alkaloid found in the nightshade family of plants. It is most commonly found in tobacco, but is also found in smaller quantities in plants such as tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, and green peppers. Historically, nicotine has been used by humans as a stimulant, similarly to how caffeine is used. In more recent times, it is a key ingredient in e-liquid. 

What makes up vape juice? E-liquids contain nicotine, flavorings, water, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and other additives. Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is sugar alcohol derived from plants. In e-liquid, it is responsible for aiding in the production of more dense, voluminous clouds of vapor. Propylene Glycol (PG) is a synthetic food additive belonging to the same chemical group as alcohol. It is a tasteless, odorless liquid that serves to provide the “throat hit” that many vapers look for in their sessions. As far as nicotine content in e-liquid is concerned, there are a multitude of nicotine strength vape juice options available on the market to customize your experience. From zero-nicotine e-liquid all the way up to high-nicotine nic salts, the options are almost endless.

What is Non-Tobacco Nicotine and Why is it Better? 
So now that you understand the basics of nicotine and e-liquid, we can dive deeper into the new technology. Non-tobacco nicotine is synthetically produced nicotine, as opposed to nicotine derived from the tobacco plant. Scientists have since figured out how take this synthesized nicotine and infuse it into innovative vape juice products. There are several reasons why synthetic NTN is superior to traditional nicotine. First, none of the impurities that occur in the tobacco nicotine extraction process are present in synthetic nicotine. Therefore, you can be sure you’re getting a more controlled, purified, and consistent product. Second, synthetic nicotine vape juice tastes smoother because synthetic nicotine is odorless and tasteless. This means you will have more enjoyable sessions without harshness to kill the vibe. In addition, synthetic nicotine is no more harmful than traditional nicotine and is actually more predictable composition-wise, so you can lay any worries to rest.