Vilter Fun Kit by Aspire

Another new kit from Aspire here, folks! This time, we are going to be diving into the newest kit in their Vilter line: the Vilter Fun Kit!

Huge thanks to Aspire who sent these devices to me for the purposes of review.

I have to admit that I am a huge fan of the Aspire Vilter series. If they were around when I quit smoking, they surely would have been extremely helpful in my journey. That’s not to say that they aren’t of use to me now; in fact, I still use the Aspire Vilter in my day-to-day vaping, especially with the soft paper filter tips! The draw and warmth from the Vilter pods, together with the paper filter tips, just come so close to that of a cigarette!

As always, I will be reviewing this kit as an average vaper, as most in our community are.

Packaging and Contents

I was sent a sample pack of the Vilter Fun Kit that included:

§The Vilter Fun device has a 400mAh battery.
§1 x 2 mL Vilter pod that has a bottom fill hole and a 1.0 ohm KA mesh coil. As I’ve said time and again, manufacturers should really be supplying at least 2 pods/coils in a kit, just in case one of them is faulty (it does happen).
§3 x Paper Filter Drip Tips.
§1 x POM (plastic) Drip Tip.
§USB-C cable.
§User Manual.

Salient Features include:
§3.7V of constant output.
§Dimensions include the soft tip at 92 x 26 x 17mm.
§Weighs almost nothing at 30 g!
§Runs on auto-draw firing.
§0.5 A charging, which means it will take around 50 mins to charge the battery from flat.

Impressions and Experience
The Alpine Green kit I received came in a simple but pleasantly styled box, with photos of the kit up top and on one side. Kit contents, features, and manufacturer information are printed around the box. The device and pod are on a compartmentalised plastic tray with the user manual and accessories underneath.

The Vilter Fun Kit looks… well, fun! With the bright colour options for the kit, it pops and stands out versus other kits in the Vilter line.

A. Vilter Fun Device
The device is small and compact, in keeping with the Vilter line. It is lightweight and yet still feels robust, with a seemingly rubberised finish around its shell which feels really nice in the hand. Branding is on the minimal side on the front and rear of the device, which I think is great so that the kit still appears classy.

There is a deep pod cradle up top that has the auto-draw microphone and coil contacts. The pod attaches to the device, slipping into this cradle space via strong magnets. The USB-C port is at the base of the device, and an LED light is on one side that lights up when the device is in operation or when it is charging.

There are two small airflow holes (~1.5 mm?) on either side of the device, which align to the bottom of the pod when installed.

The device works seamlessly in auto-draw, with no real lag to be discerned when vaping. It fires consistently and is a joy to use!

Even without any airflow control, the device gives off a medium MTL draw with the supplied pod and is slightly tighter when the pod is used with the paper filter tips.

B. Vilter Pod
This is the same pod supplied with other Vilter kits (a review of the Vilter S is on the blog too!). It is made of plastic and is slightly tinted, but even so, still easy enough to see E-liquid levels. The pod can face either direction when placed inside the device and should work with any of the devices in the Vilter series.

The pod fills from the bottom, with a silicone plug to seal the adequately-sized fill hole. As I mentioned the last time I reviewed these pods, I hope Aspire will update these to be top-fill for more convenient filling and pod use. As it stands, the pod needs to be taken out of the device to refill. However, the pod remains to be leak resistant and I’ve had no issues with it during my testing.

One thing to note is that because the Vilter Fun’s pod cradle is deep, the majority of the pod actually goes inside and becomes obscured from view when vaping. So, when e-liquid levels go to about 60% of the way, you will no longer be able to see it and you will need to take the pod out to check whether you need to refill.

The pod features a non-replaceable coil, so the user would have to replace the entire pod (and not just the coil) when the coil reaches its end of life.

As per my previous experience of the Vilter pod, it continued to give off amazing flavour (8/10), which makes it well clear of its rivals. It works well with nic salts and freebase E-liquids. The draw from it, combined with the Vilter Fun device, is warm and satisfying for MTL vapers out there.

In terms of pod/coil longevity, it’s still going strong after 20mL of 6 mg freebase E-liquid used, so I have absolutely no complaints here!

Overall: Yay or Nay?
The Vilter Fun Kit is more of a scaled-back version of previous Vilter kits. It’s very simple to operate with no firing buttons or airflow control, which may be a con to some. But this isn’t the case for me as Aspire has designed this system in such a way that it still gives the vaper a fantastic vaping experience. Full of flavour and with a warm draw, all wrapped in a very lightweight and portable package with filter tip options. It ticks all the boxes as far as starter kits and backup kits go!