Vaporesso SWAG II Mod Review: Mix of Gen and Original SWAG

The Vaporesso SWAG II is the Newly released box mod from the very popular vape manufacturer Vaporesso. The SWAG II nearly adopts the same design from the original SWAG Mod, which was released at the beginning of 2018, but utilizes the rubberized coating layer like the Vaporesso GEN Mod and the latest AXON chipset. The color-matching between SWAG II and GEN is also the same.

The Vaporesso SWAG II as a small single-18650 battery mod will fire from 5W to 80W. It integrates a 0.91-inch OLED screen display and a 510 connection that will fit tanks up to 25mm. The SWAG II features a protruding battery door to shave off the height. The compact design and small size make it a perfect mod for someone who wants a portable mod for on the go use. Overall, it’s a cute little box mod.

· Display: 0.91-inch OLED screen
· Tank compatibility: max 25 mm
· Resistance: 0.03-5.0 ohms
· Charge current: DC 5V/2A micro USB
· Output power: 5-80 watts
· Battery: 1 x 18650 (not included)
· Chipset: AXON chip

· 1 x Vaporesso SWAG II Mod
· 1 x USB Cable
· 1 x User Manual
· 1 x Warranty Card

Build Quality and Design of Vaporesso SWAG II Mod

The Vaporesso SWAG II Mod is a well-designed mod. It only measures 75mm tall, which is compact and small and roughly the same size as the original Pico. The SWAG II Mod primarily made of plastic is solid but lightweight even with a battery installed. It utilizes the same soft rubber coating like GEN Mod, making it comfortable to grip and look premium.

The battery cap that sits next to the tank, and sticks out on top of it. Installing and replacing the battery is convenient. The threading on the battery cap is nice and smooth but easy to come off. There is no battery rattle. The 510 pin is nice and fits any atomizers with no issues. The 25mm tank is the largest that the Vaporesso SWAG II Mod can accommodate due to the battery cap, which is not a big deal for a single battery mod.

The fire button sits above the screen and features a small round circle on the front of the mod, which is the same as the GEN Mod. The mode button is below the screen and the adjustment buttons are placed in on the side of the mod, like the original SWAG Mod. The 0.91-inch OLED screen is also the same as the GEN Mod, which is out of date but simple to use. The small holes on both sides increase the friction to avoid the accidental drop. The user-friendly curve on one side fits your fingers and makes you more comfortable to fire the device. The minimal branding ‘Vaporesso SWAG’ logo is above the adjustment buttons and a small ‘V’ icon on the bottom of one side.

Vaporesso SWAG II Mod

The Vaporesso SWAG II Mod as the original SWAG is powered by a single 18650 battery and capable of firing up to 80W. But the SWAG II has better performance due to the brand new AXON chip, making the SWAG II powerful and easy to use. The capability of the SWAG is almost the same as Vaporesso GEN Mod.

The Vaporesso SWAG II Mod is packed with functions and modes like all Vaporesso mods. It has the exclusive Pulse Mode, Power Eco Mode, Smart TC Mode, and DIY mode. Under the DIY menu, there are Power Mode (with soft, normal and hard preheats), Temperature Control (SS, Ni200, Ti, and TCR), Watt Curve Mode (VPC), VV Mode (variable voltage), Super Player mode (power mode with a lower resistance minimum) and Bypass mode.

The Pulse Mode was introduced by the Vaporesso GEN Mod, which is almost the same as the normal wattage mode. It pulses the wattage every 0.2s when you vape for more flavor and vapor. The Power Eco Mode is designed to save battery life. The SWAG II Mod will ask if you want to enter into the Power ECO Mode when your battery capacity is under 40%. It can effectively enlarge the battery life. The Smart TC Mode can automatically detect the coil material and adjust to the optimal TC mode.

Button Operation of Vaporesso SWAG II Mod:

The menu like the GEN Mod is easy to use. Here is the quick rundown

·Press the fire button five times to turn on or turn off the mod
·Press the menu button three times or hold the menu button to enter the menu
·Press the Up button or Down button to scroll through the menu, press menu button to accept
·Press the fire button in the menu to return the home screen
·Press the fire button 3 times to lock the wattage
·Hold the fire button and menu button to view the chip version

In the DIY mode, you will see a sub-menu that includes these options:

·VW (Variable Wattage: Soft, Normal, Hard
·VT (TC Mode: SS, Ni, Ti, Mi - for setting your own TCR)
·VV (Variable Voltage)
·CCW (Wattage Curves)
·BP (Bypass)

Vaporesso SWAG II Mod Review

The Vaporesso SWAG II Mod is the small and portable vape device while featuring the powerful functions and modes. Without exception, Vaporesso introduced the high-performance mod this time. The performance is like the GEN Mod. The SWAG II is good to vape in power mode but it only has the maximum output of 80W. So, I recommend you to use the coils that don’t need a lot of power. The Temperature Control mode is weak and inconsistent. The SWAG II dose not provide the draw that it should in TC mode. Overall, the Vaporesso SWAG II Mod is an excellent box mod except the lacking of TC Mode. It is portable vape device for on-the-go vaping, which will not taking up much space.

Pros and Cons of Vaporesso SWAG II Mod:

·Good build quality
·Lightweight and portable
·Powerful features and modes
·Soft and comfortable rubber coating
·Good power mode performance
·Nice centered 510 pin
·Handles 25 mm atomizers
·Straightforward and easy to use menu
·Sleek edges with ergonomic design

·TC performance is not good
·The screen is out of date
·The charging rate cannot reach 2A