Vape pod systems are quickly taking over the scene, gaining popularity with new and experienced vapers alike. One of the latest vape devices to raise the pod system bar is the Vaporesso Renova Zero All-in-One Pod System, a setup that checks all the boxes in terms of quality, style, and convenience.
The VaporFi team was more than happy to take on the task of testing the Vaporesso Renova Zero, putting it through its paces to determine whether or not it measures up. After spending some time with this one-of-a-kind pod vape, it’s safe to say that we give it the VaporFi stamp of approval.

The Vaporesso Renova Zero All-in-One Vape Pod System.

Stylish Vaping on the Go
For many vapers, the look of a device takes a backseat to its performance – but that doesn’t mean you want to cart around an ugly vape. Thankfully, the design team at Vaporesso knew what they were doing when they crafted the Renova Zero. The slim, compact device is perfectly portable, slipping easily into any pocket or purse for on-the-go vape sessions.
It has a simple shape with curved edges, making it extraordinarily ergonomic as well as subtly stylish. You’ll be able to choose from an excellent variety of color options, ranging from classic shades like white, black, and silver to more unique choices like rainbow, Arctic blue, and vibrant red. There aren’t any attention-grabbing screens or oversized buttons to contend with, because the Renova Zero keeps things gorgeously understated. It’s a great choice for vapers who prefer a relatively discrete device, as well as those who enjoy the convenience of easy portability.

Incredibly Easy to Enjoy
While many high-quality vapes require the time and effort of various settings and adjustments, the Vaporesso Renova Zero offers a no-fuss experience that doesn’t sacrifice on quality. The intelligent OMNI Board Mini keeps everything running as it should, responding quickly and effectively. You won’t need to fiddle with time-consuming adjustments, because the Renova Zero operates impressively well on its own.
Like all pod-based, all-in-one vapes, the Renova Zero has the major benefit of convenience on its side. Instead of dealing with a separate tank, your e-juice refills are streamlined thanks to the refillable pod cartridge. This particular cartridge holds 1.6 mL of e-liquid, giving you plenty to enjoy while allowing you to make frequent flavor switches as well. Refills are quick and mess-free, taking just a few seconds with the press-to-fill mechanism.
If you’re a newbie vaper, you’ll also enjoy the comfort of a full suite of safety protections. Forget worrying about vape issues and potential errors, because the Renova Zero keeps you in check with safeguards against overcharge, overtime, ESC circuit, low resistance, short-circuiting, and more.

High-Performance Features

The Vaporesso Ceramic cCell Replacement Coils.

If you’re thinking that you have to give up a high-performance vape when you switch to a pod system, think again. This compact vape comes with a full line-up of quality features that are usually reserved for more advanced mods, firing up to 12 watts of power using its 650mAh battery.
Vaporesso’s CCELL coils create the perfect conditions for fluffy, flavorful clouds, and you’ll find their ceramic construction to be incredibly efficient at producing the delicious vape you deserve. Features like the auto temperature control, low-liquid detection, and direct voltage-based output all come with the easy-to-use Renova Zero, defying expectations of what a pod vape can be.

The Vaporesso Renova Zero All-in-One Vape Pod System Kit.

A Worthy Pod System Contender
Overall, the Vaporesso Renova Zero definitely gets a yes vote from the VaporFi team. Considering the litany of features and its truly excellent performance capabilities, the Renova Zero offers seriously impressive value at an affordable price. It will give you the gift of sweet, simple vape sessions that don’t disappoint when it comes to quality.

If you’re ready to add the Vaporesso Renova Zero to your vape collection, we don’t blame you – it’s a great device that’s sure to satisfy.