VAPORESSO MOTI X MINI Review: The Future is Now

Product intro and specs
The X MINI is a new AIO, made by MOTI and VAPORESSO. It’s a small, space-age-looking AIO featuring a semi-transparent body with a visible circuit board. It looks like a vape from the year 2022 if imagined 12 years ago.

Although it’s small and equipped with adjustable airflow, the X MINI is geared toward restricted-lung and DL vapers. As stated in the marketing, the X MINI is “Mini but Mighty.” That’s accurate! Don’t get this confused with some disposable or typical pod vape.

Again, the X MINI is an AIO. It holds 4 mL (with TPD optional 2 mL,) and takes replaceable coil heads with a honeycomb mesh heating element rated at 0.35 ohm. The device puts out up to 29 watts of auto-regulating power, that’s built on a beefy capacity battery of 1150 mAh. Additionally, it has native Type-C pass-thru charging.

The X MINI is not a device intended for nicotine salt of any kind of high-nic vaping. Its best suited to high-VG juice.

Price: $21.95 (at Direct Vapor)
Colors: Aurora green, galaxy silver, mystic purple, gunmetal grey, space grey, Aegean blue

·Dimensions: 73.3 mm x 25.4 mm
·Battery capacity: 1150 mAh
·Pod capacity: 4 mL / 2 mL (TPD)
·Wattage: 10-29 watts
·Material: Aluminum alloy

Kit contents
·1 x X MINI Device
·1 x X Pod (4 mL)
·1 x X35 coil (0.35 ohm)
·1 x Type-C cable
·1 x User manual
·1 x Warranty card

Build quality and design

The X Mini is a device that makes people want to get a closer look. Although the colorway I have is just grey and black (with a transparent orange button,) the X MINI can get your attention. The most obvious attention grabber is the base of the device that glows blue as you vape. (Coming back to that point later). The other colorways are, thankfully, all subdued and “mature” looking. The tank housing and the “X” in the branding are where the color options are visible. The rest of the device stays the same.

The dimensions of the X MINI are 25.4 mm x 72.3 mm, and the tank is domed-shaped with a 6.5 mm ID to the tip. Altogether, it’s about the size of an 18350 mech mod with a small RDA or the like. Because it’s capsule-shaped and lightweight (only 54 grams,) it offers an incredible and secure hand feel. The polycarbonate helps too, since it’s got a slight tack that’s easy to grip.

The transparent outer layer gives visible access to the internals and circuitry—which look great. The branding is futuristic and fits tastefully with the device. The matte grey aluminum ring at the top is the magnetic tank housing and airflow intake, comprising two decent-sized airflow slots. The tank sits inside with a bit too much lateral wiggle room, although the magnets are super strong. The tank might come out if the device is dropped, but that’s primarily due to the weight of the battery versus the tank’s weight.

One issue I have with the device’s design is that it can’t stand up on its own. It’s perfectly pocketable though, but important to note: the button will be easily pressed if it’s in your pocket without turning it off. The button is perfectly placed for easy thumb firing, but I recommend turning the device off when not in use. This could make for a less convenient experience when out and about.

Lastly, the bottom of the X MINI transitions from the transparent part to a solid black base, where the Type-C port is located. When you take a drag, the base glows a beautiful electric blue color. However, there is no way to turn off that light. It’s not particularly bright, but it’s also not at all discreet.

Getting started

The X MINI offers a direct-lung to a restricted-lung hit. As stated in the intro, this device is meant for high VG juice, not for 50/50 liquids of high nicotine. That said, the ease of use is more like that of a standard pod vape. With the coil head in the device, it’s simply a bottom-fill tank with button-fire activation. There are no settings or modes to tweak besides the airflow. Of course, a five-click button press is required to turn it on.

Taking the device out of the package, a 0.35-ohm coil head is press-fit in the tank. To remove the coil head, you have to pinch it at its base, where the coil head’s airflow sits, and pull with your fingernails. If you have big sausage fingers and virtually no fingernails that extend beyond your fingertips, it might be a bit tough to pull out without using something like a tiny screwdriver. It’s difficult for me to say if it’s a particular problem though, but it’s notable enough to be a con. It’s a tight squeeze for me, even though I have smaller hands than your average guy.

The main thing that the user has control over is the airflow setting. The airflow goes between DL when fully open to RDL when closed off. The issue here is that, to adjust the airflow, you turn the tank itself. There are no clicks or visual cues to tell you where it’s set. You have to take a draw to ascertain, and setting it anywhere but totally open or totally closed becomes too fiddly. Even with those settings, I still find myself having to readjust it too often.

Lastly, when you drop the tank into the housing, the bottom of the device will glow blue for a moment to show the connection is set. It also glows blue when vaping. It’s a really sexy color to the blue, but I do wish I had the option to turn it off.


The X MINI performs like a solid AIO. It’s no slouch in flavor or vapor, and performance is consistent. The VAPORESSO technology behind the X MINI comes in the form of the honeycomb mesh coil that heats juice uniformly and apparently from the device’s MCU chip that is advertised as having 20,000 power adaptations. Not saying that’s a noticeable thing per se, just that it’s in the advertising claims.

It’s a powerful little device. It provides up to 29 watts, and wattage auto-adjusts to give the user the optimal power to the coil. I don’t know if there’ll be more coil options besides the honeycomb mesh at 0.35 ohm; otherwise, there isn’t any apparent need for much adjusting, considering there’s only one resistance.

The airflow at my preferred setting is relatively quiet, but with it all the way open (likely where most would use it,) it’s a bit loud. I guess it comes with the territory, though I still consider it a con. Another con for me, though not one large enough for the actual list of cons, is that for long draws and the airflow setting closed off, the tip can get a bit hot. I’ve been told that most don’t take draws as long as I do, so it’s probably only a con for me. With the airflow wide open, there’s ample cooling to the tank and coil to avert any notable heat to the tip.

I’ve been using my X MINI with 70 VG juice at 6 mg. With the airflow all the way open, I’d opt for 3 mg. With the restricted lung hit and 6 mg, there is a noticeable throat hit that I like. It’s a perfect middle ground for performance and nic hit without having to make much of a tradeoff in any direction.

What I like most about the device’s performance is the flavor. To me, it’s like using a good sub-ohm tank, which for all intents and purposes, it is.

Flavor is consistent, but as mentioned, the button is easily pressed in a pocket. I’ve noticed the device firing in my pocket on more than one occasion. I am certain that my coil has been compromised with that. And since there’s only one coil with the kit, I’m stuck with the one. Sure, this could be a problem with all button-fire devices, but with this particular form factor and button, it’s much more likely with the X MINI.

Battery life and charging

For an 1150 mAh battery, I think the battery life isn’t that great. I guess, in the end, it is much like a 18350 mech. Great form factor, but not particularly great for long-lasting power.

Also, the battery takes an hour to charge. It’s typical for an AIO, but it’s still a long time in my book. Since it’s typical, I’m not adding it to the con list.

When charging, the device pulsates a glowing blue. When the light is solid, that means it’s fully charged.

Pros / Cons
·Visually stunning device
·Nice hand feel
·Strong magnets hold pod in securely at base
·Good pod capacity (4 mL)
·Clean taste and accurate flavor performance
·Good vapor production
·Type-C charging
·Pass-thru charging
·Transparent tanks shows complete juice level

·Glowing light can’t be turned off
·Tank has a little top wobble
·Airflow setting is too fiddly
·Battery doesn’t last as long as you’d expect
·Only one coil in the kit
·Button can fire easily in pocket


Overall, I love the device despite its cons. It’s perfectly pocketable (though you should turn it off before doing so,) and it’s also something that I like having in my hand.

I typically vape MTL with pods, but the small size and quality vape of the X MINI make this something that I want to use.

The largest issue of all my cons would be that the button fires too easily when in the pocket. Of course, it’s the user’s responsibility to turn it off, but let’s be frank: a five-click press every time you want to vape from your pocket is a bit clunky in the ease-of-use department.

I do recommend the X MINI, just with caveats. Mainly that if you’re the type to have to constantly pocket (or purse) your device in between vapes, it may be an issue. Otherwise, from a visual standpoint and due to the quality of vape, the X MINI gets two thumbs up. You have to determine for yourself if the pros listed above outweigh the cons for your use case.