VAPORESSO LUXE Q2 & Q2 SE Review: Two Great Sequels to the LUXE Q

Product intro and specs
The VAPORESSO LUXE Q2 and Q2 SE are the two latest pod systems by VAPORESSO, and as the name suggests, they are compatible with the LUXE Q line of pods. VAPORESSO has long been making good products and has gotten even better with experience, so we’ll see if these live up to their reputation.

These two devices are simple pod vapes with only a few differences between them. The LUXE Q2 is the fancier of the two, with faster charging, adjustable airflow, and leather panels, while the Q2 SE is the basic one, which is cheaper and doesn’t have those features. Both have a battery rated at 1000 mAh. The pods have a 3 mL capacity, but some of the older 2 mL versions of pods are still compatible.

Previous LUXE Q pod vapes have been great performers, so let’s see how the two latest entries stack up.

Price: TBA (LUXE Q2 at Element Vape,) TBA (LUXE Q2 SE at Element Vape)
Colors: (LUXE Q2) orange, black, blue, grey, green (LUXE Q2 SE) graffiti pink, abstract green, digital blue, fashion black, lilac purple, and more.

·Dimensions: 96.8 mm x 26 mm x 18.6 mm
·Pod capacity: 3 mL / 2 mL (TPD)
·Resistance: 0.6/1.0 ohm
·Battery capacity: 1000 mAh
·Charging: Type-C / 2A
·Dimensions: 96.7 mm x 27.4 mm x 17.5 mm
·Pod capacity: 3 mL / 2 mL (TPD)
·Resistance: 0.8 ohm
·Battery capacity: 1000 mAh
·Charging: Type-C / 1A

Kit contents
·1 x LUXE Q2 battery
·1 x LUXE Q 0.6-ohm mesh pod (3 mL / pre-installed)
·1 x LUXE Q 1.0-ohm mesh pod (3 mL)
·1 x Type-C charging cable
·1 x User manual / warranty card
·1 x LUXE Q2 SE battery
·1 x LUXE Q 0.8-ohm mesh pod (3 mL / pre-installed)
·1 x Type-C charging cable
·1 x User manual / warranty card
·1 x Lanyard

Build quality and design

The Q2 and Q2 SE are very similar in design. They are about the same size, and the main difference is that the Q2 has leather on the front and back and an airflow slider on the side, while the Q2 SE does not. The Q2 SE also features some colors that have a clear case, but the internals are covered up with a design, so you can’t see the chip.

The Q2 SE has a loose MTL draw while the Q2 is adjustable and can do a solid MTL to a restricted DTL vape. Overall, though, they are both really best for MTL vaping due to the low wattage.

Like all basic pods, they are light and very pocketable but also feel solid and well-built. They had no issues surviving drops. Both have an LED battery meter on the front, but the Q2 has a better one, which I’ll go over later.

Color options are plentiful on both. The Q2 offers five options, while the Q2 SE offers eight. Enough options to have something for everyone. Neither of the pods has buttons, screens, or power adjustments. They are just simple, inhale-to-vape devices.

Getting started

The Q2 and Q2 SE are easy to use and excellent options for beginners. No buttons, no on or off, no settings. Just inhale when you want to vape and pocket it when you are on the go.

They both use the “LUXE Q” pods with three 3 mL options and four of the older 2 mL options from the LUXE Q and LUXE QS. The pod itself is magnetic and comes in and out very easily. It’s not tight in there, but the magnets hold it in place well with no wiggle.

How you fill the pod depends on which pod you are using. The older style ones are top fill, so just pushing back on the drip tip pops it off and exposes the fill hole. Then just pop it back on, and you are ready to go. The newer style opts for the rubber plug on the side of the pod.

The pods are half exposed and, thankfully, pretty much non-tinted. But since you can’t see the bottom, you must tilt it to see if juice is left when running low. It’s not a big deal, but worth the mention.


The most important part of any pod device is going to be the coils. We have reviewed the older pods previously in the LUXE Q and LUXE QS reviews, so I’ll go over the three new pods that come with these devices.

My LUXE Q2 SE came with only one pod, which houses a 0.8-ohm mesh coil. I’ll ding them for that, as you should always get two pods with every pod system. The LUXE Q2 comes with two pods, one with a 0.6-ohm mesh coil and one with a 1.0-ohm mesh coil.

All three coils gave me at least ten refills, so they all offer good coil life, and all vaped very well with good flavor. The 1.0-ohm pod is best for the tighter MTL vapers, while the 0.8 and 0.6-ohm ones work well for people who like a little looser draw. Overall, all three pods are good. It really comes down to preference, so feel free to try them all and pick your favorite.

Battery life and charging

Battery life seems very sufficient on both devices and should last all day for most people.

Both devices are listed with a 1000 mAh battery, and the Q2 is listed at 2A charging with a 30-minute charge time, while the Q2 SE is listed at 1A charging.  I tested them, and both had around 900 mAh usable capacity, which is really good. Offering 90% of the advertised capacity is above average since most devices are overrated by about 20%.

For the LUXE Q2 charge rate, I got a max of 1.55A, so it doesn’t meet the 2A it’s listed at. They should have listed it at 1.5A. For charge time, it’s about 45 minutes, so good speed but not quite the 30 minutes they advertise. Testing the Q2 SE charge rate, I got a max of 0.82A, so good enough to be rated 1A but still a little short of it. It’s about an 80-minute charge time.

As for battery meters, the Q2 SE doesn’t really have one. The LED is white only and will flash ten times after it dies, so there’s no way to tell when it’s low. For the Q2, the LED works a lot better:

·Green: 70-100%
·Blue: 30-70%
·Red: 0-30%

The light is on when vaping, but you can pull the pod out to check the battery level, which is nice. The port is USB-C, and it’s located on the bottom of both devices.


To sum it up, the differences between the two are relatively minor.

The Q2 is the “premium” version because it has adjustable airflow, two pods instead of one, leather on the front and back, and a functional battery meter. It’s listed at $33.90 on their website.

The Q2 SE is the basic version. It’s listed at $19.90. It only comes with one coil and doesn’t have a battery meter, adjustable air, or leather. Both have the same size battery, but the Q2 will charge about twice as fast as the Q2 SE.

Pros / Cons
·Solid build quality
·Lightweight and durable
·Small and pocketable
·Very beginner friendly
·Nice color options (and lots of them)
·Good flavor and coil life from all three pods
·Pretty much clear pods
· easy to see juice level
·Two pods included (Q2)
·Air adjustment slider (Q2)
·Great battery life and capacity ratings on both
·Good battery meter (Q2)
·Can check battery level by popping pod in and out (Q2)
·Good charge rate on Q2 SE
·Passthrough vaping

·Q2 SE only comes with one pod
·Q2 SE doesn't have a battery meter
·Charge rate on the Q2 should have been listed at 1.5A not 2A


Overall, VAPORESSO made two good pod systems with these, and you can’t go wrong with either one. It just comes down to whether you want a cheaper one that charges slower and lacks some features or you are willing to pay extra for the added features and faster charging. Two more great options for the LUXE Q pods, which is becoming one of the best lines for beginners.